1. What I like the most about the holidays is giving and seeing my family all
    together I really hope you pick me so I can get gifts to my friends and
    family PLESE PICK ME!!!!!!!!! I will be so thankful my email is


  2. ive subscribed please subscribe back ur a huge inspiration !

  3. woah no spandex

  4. Funniest mere just being mere ever!! I died! Haha! 

  5. You are my Idol!

  6. ddduuuudde you look like sarah hyland

  7. OBX!!! In NC

  8. I love how slutty yet classy you look in ur bikini cuz ur panties look kind
    of cute in it *LOL*

  9. Where are her bathingsuit bottoms from

  10. I done that and it worked

  11. I’m tired just watching this…

  12. I love pink lady, I ONLY eat my apples in slices, and with peanut butter :)

  13. the sound of your camera focusing :(

  14. Selena Gomez ftw. :)

  15. this really helped 

  16. Pls do more vids on your hair

  17. its funny its like u watch her eat healthy and u are there eating chips and
    rootbeer XD

  18. Christina Montgomery

    i always eat an apple with P.B and slice it my friend eats the core not the
    seeds though

  19. Look at you jumping on the stairs.. LOLzzz… but its a nice exercise

  20. Love the bikini and shirt

  21. She has the skinniest tummy- ever!

  22. Closed For Refurbishment

    Planking helps you back, too…

  23. Peanut butter with apples are my go to breakfast. No joke. And I have that
    apple cutter in red, because me and knives would NOT be a good idea :D

  24. you make good videos and yaaaaaaah soooooooooo……. yaaaaaaah i really
    like ur videos

  25. Hello Mere! I dont have a twitterbut i would love to enter this giveaway! I
    wish you could make vids everyday for us to watch. Lol. (x i just i cant
    get enough! ((: 

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