Gastric Banding – Does It Really Work?

by Bonny Styles
(San Antonio, Texas, USA)

If you want to lose weight and have tried different diets and exercise patterns without success, then the best answer to your problem may be in restrictive surgery. The most popular solution is known as Gastric Banding.

In this surgical procedure the surgeon uses a variety of techniques to reduce the size of your stomach. Gastric Banding is becoming the most common surgical procedure for treating obesity in the world, especially in America.

Through this surgery you can reduce the capacity of the stomach. This will help you reduce the amount of food that you consume.

This method for weight loss is becoming popular mainly because it involves a minimal invasive procedure. The surgeon uses Laparoscopic techniques to make small incisions and using a long instrument, called laparoscope, implants an inflatable silicone band which is something like a wrist watch, around the upper stomach region.

This band will help you control the quantity of food that you consume. The positive effect of the band is that the patient will feel as if they are having a full stomach after eating a small amount of food.

Gastric banding seems to work, as it is the least traumatic gastric procedure. It doesn’t involve cutting or stapling. Plus, given that it is done through a laparoscopic approach it results in reduced post operative pain and a quick recovery.

And the best thing about Gastric Banding is that it is a reversible procedure. As soon as the gastric band is removed the stomach returns to its normal size.

Gastric banding is an adjustable treatment that really works for helping you lose weight. The diameter of the gastric band can be adjusted according to the desired weight loss rate for each individual case.

Your individual requirements change as you lose weight. In turn, the band can be adjusted as well.

For instance, if a woman with a gastric band gets pregnant, she can also have her band adjusted accordingly. Women who are pregnant can easily get their gastric band adjusted to accommodate the growing fetus.

On the other hand, patients who don’t experience weight loss can get their gastric band tightened.

The gastric band can be adjusted with the use of a slain solution. It is connected to an access port by a tube, which is inserted under the skin of the patient undergoing treatment.

The gastric band helps you restrict the amount of food consumed. It also increases your sense of fullness, so that you end up feeling full after eating smaller portions. In this way you are able to control your calorie intake and, thus, end up losing weight in the process.

Due to the success of Gastric Banding surgery, it is now being used to treat slightly overweight people as well. It is turning out to be the right surgical method that is showing positive healthy outcomes.

Diseases like high cholesterol, cancer and hypertension can be a direct result from obesity. As gastric banding helps you reduce your body weight, it can also help you reduce your risk of developing these dangerous diseases.

Despite this, it is always best for people who opt for the gastric banding to carefully understand the pros and cons associated with this invasive procedure. In this way they can make a wise decision more confidently.

Plus, this will also help them understand the full impact of the surgery. In turn, they will be able to handle the treatment and recover more effectively.

Gastric banding has a few risks involved. It has minimal side effects and a low mortality rate. These are other reasons why it has become the most popular treatment method.

Plus, with its long term healthy result it is certainly matching people’s expectations. Most patients manage to get back to their normal weight successfully. People are considering gastric banding as the magic band for fighting obesity.

Gastric banding has become the safest weight loss surgical procedure. Furthermore, it has shown to produce effective results.

By using it obese people get a chance to eliminate many health risks from their lives and to live a healthy and long life. With the excellent potential to reduce and control obesity in both males and females, gastric banding has really created uproar in the medical world.

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Updated: October 28, 2012 — 2:25 pm

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