1. What you do when you constantly eat is keep your body with insulin levels
    up which is an area where you just CANNOT burn fat…Glucagon burns
    fat….Throw protein in the mix at every meal which takes more energy to
    digest so body temperature increase. Also good fats are for satiety
    sensation. That way you will stop binging on carbs

  2. Is like we live on the surface with suppressed feelings of guilt that we
    are not good enough….depressed, sad instead of living our dreams and
    being excited about our lives. I spend 2 weeks on the beach which I love so
    much, eating normal and I lost 5kg just because I did what I loved.
    Circumstances won’t matter, your state of mind matter. People are afraid to
    live their passions accepting compromise and feeling miserable about
    themselves. That’s a weight gainer right there.

  3. You would think we have learned this in sandbox…..but in fact is a
    continuous BS disinformation campaign of humanity…good point….it must
    be so many vaccines we’ve got, chemicals, fluoride in the water, filling in
    our teeth,,,,that we do not respond normal anymore. We are an uncontrolled
    lump of meat …or I should say fat producing dummies.

  4. Canada food guide – Same BS brain washing government technique…I am just
    wondering why we are so screwed up in our thinking in information age when
    we suppose to smarter than apes or cave man. Instead of having healthy cave
    man bodies with contemporary thinking we have cave man zombifiled mentality
    with contemporary fat bodies. What’s wrong with humanity….?

  5. o if you just cannot stop binging on carbs try meditation, hypnosis,
    biurinal beats and finally acupuncture and herbs. Mediation helps with the
    subconscious mind and mind reprogramming for weight control….THE WILL

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  7. question can I eat anything even if i am not hungry, or do I need to stop

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