1. This Apple,oh God how I hate them.

  2. Galaxy note pro starts at 4:40

  3. Jase, you’re an excellent and creative advertiser, lol, seriously, I mean
    it. I will check out carbonate, and if I don’t purchase, your pitch was
    still entertaining.

  4. Samsung always making different size devices the S should be for Size on
    there products lol 

  5. *Top Android News of the Week*: http://goo.gl/QjL0KB

    Rumors of Samsung’s new Note Pro tablet surfaced, Google fought back
    against Rockstar, news broke of LG’s upcoming wearable devices, Oppo
    launched the CyanogenMod-running N1, and two big custom ROMs hit KitKat

    #androidweekly by: +Jayce Broda 

  6. The right amount of sugar in this bake:)
    Less Coke is good for you. Haha!
    Happy Holidays!

  7. I have no problem with patent troll, this wouldn’t be a problem if tech
    firms all just pay for things they copy..And this Post Pc term being thrown
    around it just crazy, Android is not great for any Office work, having
    tried to move away from my laptop unsuccessfully (i have used ever office
    software out there and they all fall short of what Microsoft Office has to
    offer). For writing show note just use evernote (it syncs automatically)

  8. LOVE the Carbonite commercials!

  9. G3 ???? alreadyy come onnnnnnnnnnn

  10. That green screen though

  11. hey Jayce, following my comment on last week’s episode and your reply to
    it, i have a new comment regarding the same matter, commercial time.
    as i said last week, i do understand the importance of advertising and it
    would be silly to ask no advertising at all (just plain stupid), however,
    and it is a big however (many nuances to this because of the way you did
    the ad):
    about 15 seconds at the beginning plus about 70 seconds in the middle comes
    out to almost a minute and a half out of seven minutes in total, that’s
    around 20% of the episodes time!.
    carbonite must be really paying good since many of the channels i follow
    with similar viewer base numbers have a 15 second commercial in the
    beginning and that’s it which leads me to believe that the income from such
    a commercial (alongside the income from youtube) should be enough.
    once again, as you said yourself, many (if not most) would probably not
    want to pay a subscription fee so you do rely on ads to keep you guys
    going, so maybe think about charging more from carbonite or looking for
    another company or product to advertise because they want too much.
    thanks for another good episode and cudos on the way you’ve done the
    commercial, it took me a few seconds to see where it was going :)

  12. You are so funny,I watched it on my tablet,just saying

  13. Carbonite is some sort of NSA try to legally see your files? I would never
    ever in my life backup ALL my files from PC to cloud. This is really
    annoying, Carbonite stop it! 

  14. Rock star created the GTA series as well

  15. Yeah we all already know what kinda company Apple really is…..but really?
    Microsoft? I guess Google will forever be the only major tech company that
    we trust

  16. I like tablets, but I could never go without a desktop.

  17. Galaxy Note Pro Leaks & How to Deal with Trolls

  18. Enough with the carbonite already. None of the other videos have it! And if
    u MUST include it does it have to take up that much of the video…??!

  19. great video always :)

  20. hey man, u r the funniest of these new generation of internet goofy geeks.
    unlike… let’s say brain tong or ding dong or whatever from cnet. some
    like him seem unable to tell apart when people are laughing with them or
    laughing at them

  21. Samsung just keeps on coping Apple! “Galaxy Note Pro” more similar to the
    rumor of “iPad Pro”

  22. Liked for enjoyable video + I’m on the desktop 😉 I love my tablet, note 3
    and other mobile devices, but I will definitely be keeping the trucks
    around :PP

  23. Well said Jayce, stop these patent wars and make some good smartphones!

  24. Laptops are pretty much dead if people are willing to spend a bit extra but
    until tablets have 16GB RAM and 4Gz processors, desktops will still be

  25. Could you discuss the best Smartwatches next time? Sony Smartwatches 2,
    Galaxy Gear and Arch G

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