1. Look out for these guys in 2014 – all 21 and under, already making an
    impact on the fitness scene.

  2. Omfg when I saw that first guy, I thought it was Zyzz. Then I realized he
    was too small haha

  3. 2:45 Zyzz Style 

  4. The last one is small

  5. Three class acts, three future stars…the sport is lookin’ good!

  6. This is an awesome video, very inspiring for me! Hopefully i may be a
    feature on the 2015 video 😉 competing in miami pro uk this year :)

  7. all these J’s

  8. Awesome work!!! Congrats … Does who can’t do it just shut the fuck off!!!

  9. last guy wishes he was zyzz

  10. Josh L

  11. Definitely more of a Zyzz hairstyle than Harry Styles.. 

  12. James Alexander-Ellis

    yawn at all the Zyzz references, when are people gonna move on. Well done

  13. All fantastic, but if I could see more of just one, it would be Josh Leader

  14. I would have loved to have any of these bodies when I was in my 20s. These
    guys have a good amount of muscle. Would like to see more of all three:
    Justin, Josh L, and Josh A.

  15. I’m really impressed with how Josh looked. Rob is great, but I would
    honestly give Josh the thumbs up for most of the rounds.

  16. The first 2 are damn huge for being only 20-21 years old. I would have love
    to have those bodies at that age. 

  17. Diet and nutrition 

  18. Justin for sure. He has a very promising future.

  19. Justin.

  20. Hopefully we will see more about Josh A… seems to be the most natural and
    achievable physique of those three guys. However… nice video, nice
    physiques, no matter what! Happy 2K14!

  21. Will someone please answer this, where can I get shorts like those @ 1:12?
    I’d really like to know! Thanks in advance!

  22. “Harry Styles haircut”? More like Zyzz brah.
    Was only mirin Justin tbh

  23. incredible physiques by any standard.

  24. this was at Harrogate international centre back in october. glad to see Rob
    Riches on stage

  25. I saw Josh Leader working out in the FF gym once. He’s shredded as fuaaark.
    He’s def a Rob Riches in the making. 

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