1. The amazing Justin St Paul is YOUR choice as the Future Fitness Star of

  2. Nice physique

  3. Defiantly people choice this guy is on point and seems like a decent young
    man good job mate go get them girls!!! 

  4. very impressive physic mate

  5. really aesthetic physic!

  6. Great upper body but train them legs ! Nice Job

  7. i want to be like that i have 3 more years to go 

  8. he shows facial similarities to phil heath… maybe really a winner

  9. 70% diet + 30% training = physique

    The gainz he’s made is not just strength, but maintaining a low body fat.

  10. one for the future-keep at it bro

  11. his chest is on point.

  12. Thank you everybody for the kind words! The legs are #1 on the agenda,
    don’t worry! 

  13. great physique mate

  14. I admire your body work dude, you really inspire me. Keep it up.

  15. no back posting ? aaaa sad. great physique thought !! (Y)

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