1. Nice and fun workout Donnie great video!

  2. This is the greatest beginner dance video ever!! I think I know how to
    dance now. Can you guys show me how to sword fight like Xena now?

  3. this is just too good, very cyndi lauper

  4. Very upbeat and uplifting.. funny and entertaining at the same time. Good
    job ladies! More videos like this will make me healthier and happier

  5. She’s incredibly flexible and her motions are beautiful. I wonder if she’s
    a former ballerina and an instructor now. :-)

  6. Hi, Donnie!!

  7. Is there any way you could do a ballet workout? I can not find those online
    or on dvd it’s quite frustrating! Something without the pliés tho!

  8. Awesome! The only thing missing is me in the middle Hahaha

  9. this is awesome!

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