Full Body Workout Routines

I think I’ve discovered the perfect balance of full body exercises to do throughout the week and I’m going to share them with you. But, first let’s talk about the benefits that these exercises give.

Full body exercises, also known as compound or multi joint exercises because they work multiple muscle groups at the same time not only build muscle but they will cause you to burn more calories long after the workout is over. This is exactly what I was looking for because even if I spent an hour on the Stairmaster I would only burn 500 calories and it takes 3,500 calories to burn a pound of fat. However, I was always told that you should never work the same muscle two days in a row and because these exercises work everything I didn’t know how to combine them until now.

Ladies can do 2 sets with 1-5 repetitions each set to build lean, slender muscles. Men can do more to bulk up.

On day one I do the bench press, squats, the clean and jerk and dumb bell snatches. This will work your chest, triceps, glutes, quadriceps, forearms, biceps, shoulders, lower back and abs.

Day two is set aside for dead lifts, chin ups, and bent over rows. Just three exercises but you will be exhausted when you are done. This will work your hamstrings and calves. It will also require more effort from your biceps and upper back than the exercises on day one.

Day three is lunges which will work the same muscles as the squats on day one but through a different motion. Military presses will work your shoulders and lower back just like the clean and jerk from day one. Dips will work your chest and triceps just like the bench press on day one but, again, through a different motion. Dumb bell swings will work your shoulders and really work your abs too.

Day four you will do straight legged dead lifts which will really work your lower back to a much greater extent than the military press you did on day three. Pull ups will work your back and biceps just like you did with the chin ups and bent over rows on day two. Single armed bar bell curls will work your bicep and your forearms because they will be required to maintain balance. Renegade rows will work your shoulders and abs from different angles that the dumb bell swings and the military presses of day three.

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