Free Workouts to Lose Weight

Looking for free workouts? Need to lose weight fast or just improve your overall health? Gym memberships are pricey. Classes may cost you above and beyond your membership. Home exercise equipment is slightly less expensive, but still unaffordable for most people. If you’ve been putting off working out for financial reasons, why not consider one of these free workout options? You’ll lose weight, feel great and save money. Save all your money, in fact, because these workouts are free.

Get your money’s worth from cable TV free workouts. I wish I had discovered this option long ago. Why pay for exercise classes or videos? You already pay for cable TV. Most venues have an exercise TV category. On it you’ll find free exercise classes from walking to Zumba. I’ve tried a lot of them. They’re no different from the classes you take in person. No cable? Try your local PBS station. They have free workouts too.


Go online to workout for free. Just type free exercise classes into your search engine. You’ll come up with a plethora of options. Once again, you will find every kind of exercise in the book. Of course, just like with most web searches, you have to pick and choose. You can also find free dance lessons online. Workouts include dance classes from ballet to hip-hop and everything in between. Lose weight and feel great in the comfort of your own home.

Household item workouts. Speaking of exercising at home for free, have you looked around your house? It’s full of free exercise implements. Fill a couple plastic milk jugs with sand or water to use as weights. The handles are built right in. Who needs fancy, stretchy resistance cords? Search the garage for bungee cords instead. Grab those bags of rice you never got around to making. They’re excellent hand weights. Better yet, just run up and down the stairs. It’s a totally free workout for shaping buns and thighs.

Clean the gym for free workouts. Here’s a free weight loss option not a lot of people are aware of. Some studios give free memberships in exchange for cleaning. It saves them from hiring a janitorial service. My daughter’s yoga studio does this. There’s usually a waiting list, but well worth the wait. She saves several hundred dollars a year and gets free unlimited workouts. How do you know if your gym does this? Just ask.

Free workouts with kids. If you have kids, you might think that’s enough of a free workout. While raising kids is certainly strenuous, you may not be working all your muscle groups. That’s OK. All you really have to do is join your kids as they play. Swing, jump rope, play ball or whatever they’re into. You’ll lose weight fast and feel great for free. If they’re just into video games, get them up and off the couch. Follow them right out the door for your free workout.

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