Free Weight Loss Exercise Programs You Can Do at Home

Joining a gym can be a great way to lose weight. However, for those who are shy or do not feel confident about their abilities or how their body looks, finding free weight loss exercise programs that can be done at home and be a better method of fitness. It is not necessary to purchase expensive memberships or even equipment to lose weight and gain strength and stamina. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned exerciser you can gain health with free weight loss exercise programs.

Free Weight Loss Exercise Programs – Walking

Walking is the ultimate in free weight loss exercise programs. Almost everyone can walk. Some people with a lot of weight to lose or other physical problems might not be able to walk very far. However, in the beginning it is not important to go for a long time at a great rate of speed. Walking is one of the free weight loss exercise programs that can easily be modified for any health level or rate of ability. It is an excellent cardiovascular workout and can help you drop the pounds with less chance of injury.

Free Weight Loss Exercise Programs – Household Activities

You might not consider cleaning the house or doing ordinary chores to be part of free weight loss exercise programs. While you could hardly brag to your gym going friend that you vacuum for half an hour it is nevertheless a good workout for those who are usually sedentary. If your goal is weight loss and increased fitness you can tweak your household activities to make them more challenging. Instead of running the vacuum cleaner slowly over the rug and resting in between rooms, put on some lively music and dance around the whole house as you vacuum. Instead of loading up the dishwasher and then going and putting your feet up in front of the TV consider washing the dishes by hand as you jog between the dining room table in the kitchen sink.

Free Weight Loss Exercise Programs – Weights

While you can purchase an at-home gym for thousands of dollars it is not necessary to do this to lose weight and get fit. Free weight loss exercise programs can be established at home with regular items that offer some resistance. Cans of soup make excellent beginner’s weights. As you grow stronger, you can upgrade to bottles of soda or even gallons of water. Get creative and you’ll save money while dropping pounds.

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