Free Online Brain Training Exercises

If you want to increase the power of your brain, you can search for some free online brain training exercises. Many of these exercises come for free and can help you find interesting ways of enhancing your brain power. With the help of these exercises, you can not only increase your agility of thought, but also give a boost to your alertness and creativity. Remember – the health of your brain plays an important role in your quality of life, especially as you become older. So, here are some free online brain training exercises that you can use:


• Memory recall: There are various recall games that primarily test your short-term memory. It may be matching cards of a deck having the same number that are placed at different locations, clicking on lighted spheres in the order that they appear etc. Since our short-term memory – often called the working memory, is the workbench of our consciousness, you can use the memory recall games to enhance it and enjoy an increased awareness of sensory input, thoughts and feelings that are experienced.

• Puzzles and mind games: Many websites have lists of innovative and challenging puzzles, mind games, and other brain exercises. If you are looking for some free online brain training exercises, spend some time surfing the World Wide Web to locate the games that appeal to you and start playing them to exercise your brain.

• Sudoku: This is yet another interesting game that’s based on number placement and relies on memory. To play this game, you will need to plan how to fill up the boxes using different digits. This planning will not only improve your concentration but also give a boost to your short term memory.

• Compete with others: There are some free online brain training exercises that help you train your brain by competing against thousands of other people online. To get started, you may simply need to do a free registration at the site of your choice and start playing.

Though there is a wide repertoire of free online brain training exercises, those mentioned above are some that you can begin with.

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