1. Check out our site for amazing recipes with Greek Yogurt! 🙂

  2. yeah different Jogurt help me a lot…thats my diet too, thanks

  3. I buy the natural organic pobiotic yoghurt with no sugar ! then add honey
    instead of sugar

  4. “If you watch Tone It Up, you’re working out.” So true!

  5. trader joes

  6. Omg! They’re so pretty!!

  7. i love greek yoghurt!

  8. I’ve been trying to find greek yogurt but no luck.. where can i get my
    hands on some??

  9. I love greek yogurt! Especially when its organic and I put granola and
    honey on it with blackberries or strawberries! It keeps you full and makes
    you feel so clean and fresh! 🙂

  10. @ginooRio probably at a market grocery store like Whole Foods or Trader

  11. what are your guys view of bagels and cream cheese for breakfast i love it
    and eat it all the time

  12. LOVE greek yogurt

  13. oh that wont be too hard to find for me then since i live in greece!!! 🙂
    it is actually a really good yogurt….is it the 0% fat you eat??

  14. @Noonerz45 worry about metabolism! it’s the right types of foods at the
    right times of your circadian rhythm 🙂 Check out toneitupdiet/com for a
    breakdown on exactly what it takes to be in the best shape of your life,
    for the rest of your life! xxo

  15. proverbs31ification

    Karena – your hair looks so pretty in this video! Luv your bangs like that

  16. that yoplait has high fructose corn syrup in it too. n e thing with that i
    don’t eat.

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    people keep on talking about secret 707 diet (just google it). But I’m not
    sure? if it’s good.

  18. Love it!

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  20. i got your vegetarian diet program and was wondering what about fruity
    greek yogurts such as blueberry or apple…often I cannot fit the regular
    greek yogurt with fruits so i get one which has fruits in it already…does
    it still count as a healthy mid morning snack? thanks, hana:)

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  24. when the fat has been taken out of foods like yogurt/cheese/milk that means
    alot of chemicals and nasty additives have been added in.. the fat in dairy
    is NOT bad fat!! 🙂 

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    The end.

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