Forget Weight Loss Plans, Diet With the Latest Hi-Tech Gadgets

Keeping slim and well-toned is like fighting a losing battle for many people. Endless weight loss plans, diets and boring, repetitive exercise can be enough to make even the most committed dieter give up and reach for the nearest pie.

If you’re fed up with following the latest wacky weight loss plan and you really can’t stomach the prospect of another hour on the gym treadmill, why not try a high-tech alternative to traditional weight loss plans in the form of the latest diet gadgets.

Weight Loss Plans: Gadgets, The Food Watcher

One of the hottest diet gadgets around is the Food Watcher. This device works in the same way as the pain-relieving TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator) machine.

Instead of blocking the pain signals emitted by nerve endings, the Food Watcher uses the same electrical impulses to trick the stomach into thinking it is already full. Or, in the rather more scientific jargon deployed by the manufacturer, the Food Watcher “temporarily inhibits vagal activity and thus reducing gastric motility and consequently the drive to eat.”

The manufacturers advise using the Food Watcher for a maximum of 10 minutes each time you feel those hunger pangs strike. One 10-minute zap will reduce hunger for up to three hours, they claim.

Weight Loss Plans: Gadgets, Withings Wi-Fi Body Scales

A great way to get fit is to talk to your friends and family about your weight loss plans and goals and get them to encourage you when your willpower begins to wane.

Sharing your weight loss plan progress with friends is an excellent way to keep focused and, of course, keep honest. Social networking via Facebook, Twitter, and the rest of them, will keep people up to date with how your diet and weight loss plan is going. Constantly updating your status may prove to be a bit of a bore, though.

This is where the Withings Wi-Fi Body Scales can save you time. The device cleverly and automatically posts your weight, body fat, BMI and diet information on to social networking sites via its built-in wireless connection. The Withings Wi-Fi Body Scales will also send the data to your iPhone, personal website, blog or Twitter feed.

If that proves just TMI (Too Much Information) to share, you can keep the data and your weight loss plan locked away on your own laptop, PC or mobile phone.


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