For More Ideal Body Muscle….. Start At The Bottom!

by Harvey Bond
(Manley Beach, Sydney, Australia)

Going to the gym is something that many of us enjoy doing but the unfortunate thing is, we might be going about it the wrong way. If we are trying to put on muscle naturally, we may feel as if we are restricted to a certain extent because of what many of the unnatural products seem to be able to do for individuals.

The simple fact of the matter is, however, that naturally building muscle requires more stamina and makes you a better person as a result. There is another phenomenon that tends to happen as a result ofnatural muscle building, however, and this can be quite counterproductive.

Many of us who go to the gym are interested in the same things. We want to build a large arms, a strong chest and have sixpack abs. As a result, we spend the majority of our time building up these muscle groups and working them out regularly.

Spending a lot of time bench pressing and doing curls may help to a certain extent but you are neglecting parts of your body that really can help you to experience growth that you are missing.

Although our arms do look nice whenever they are built up properly, they are simply an appendage of the body. In order for us to truly gain muscle to the maximum amount possible naturally, we need to work on building up the core muscles and larger muscles of the body.

If you are ignoring this and skipping doing your legs altogether, you are doing your body a disservice and are missing out on some of the best muscle growth that you can possibly imagine.

If you have a strong core and if your leg muscles are strong, your entire body is going to grow in order to catch up with them. The best part about this is, growing this part of our body is one of the easiest things to do because these muscles are the largest muscles that we have.

Doing squats, deadlifts and other exercises that work these areas of the body are going to benefit us in our upper body as well.

Make sure that you include a workout for your lower body and core muscles in your overall routine. If you do, you will experience muscle growth in your upper body as well and will be a more balanced individual and natural bodybuilder as a result.

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Updated: January 25, 2014 — 4:46 pm

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