Foods that Promote Weight Loss

If you are someone who has ever tried to lose eight you definitely know that some foods work against your eight loss regimen while some foods help you lose weight. Foods high in bad carbohydrates, sugary-sweet foods and foods high in fat do not help you to lose weight. Meanwhile, if you eat a low-carb, low-fat and reduced sugar foods, you should be able to lose weight. But being successful in your weight loss plan involves knowing what foods to eat to reduce fat and sticking to your weight loss plan. So, that means you can’t over indulgence in foods that do not promote weight loss while you are on a diet.

There are many nutritious and tasty foods that you can eat while you are on a weigh loss diet. To help you in your weight loss plan, here are 10 foods that help promote weight loss that you can add to your diet plan.

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Eating a health serving of fresh berries at breakfast can help you to lose weight. Instead of having bacon, eggs and white bread in the morning, try eating blueberries, blackberries and strawberries mixed in a bowl to increase fat loss. You can also have fresh berries as an afternoon and late night snack to reduce snacking on foods that make you gain weight instead of lose weight.

Low-fat Foods

Eating a leaner cut of meat can significantly help you in your weight loss diet. Go for white meat — chicken, turkey and fish over beef, lamb, rabbit and other red meat. Also, if you do eat red meat, try to buy the leanest cut of red meat you can find at the market to reduce your fat intake and speed up your weight loss plan.

Chile Peppers

Chile peppers are great arsenals against fat and are foods that are essential to any weight loss plan. Chile peppers help you in your diet and weight loss plan as they burn calories to eat Chile peppers. Not only that, but researchers believe Chile peppers help you to lose weight by cutting off your cravings and making you lose weight fast.

Soy Foods

Soy products are good foods to add to your diet and weight loss menu. Soy foods such as tofu, tempeh and other meal replacements are healthy substitutes for high-fat meats and cheeses. Also, soy butter, soy beans and soy nuts are healthier alternatives that help you lose weight and keep the fat at bay.


Okra is a very good food to eat if you want to lose weight. That’s because okra fills you up rather quickly by forming bulks in the stomach and it makes you feel fuller for longer periods than do other foods. So add okra to healthful stews and soups or eat okra as a side vegetable during the week to help you to lose weight.

Low-fat Milk

Replacing meals with whole grain cereals and low-fat milk can help you to lose weight. As part of the Special K diet, replacing high-fat, high calorie meals with the fat reduction action of whole grain foods and low-fat milk will give you an added boost to increase fat loss.

Leafy Green Vegetables

Leafy green vegetables such as spinach, kale and Swiss chard are great foods to eat for weight loss. Leafy greens are high in fiber that helps the body to lose weight. Leafy green vegetables also contain vitamins and minerals that support your diet and weight loss plan.


Figs, like okra helps you to lose weight and fat by filling you up fast and for a long time. Foods that are high in fiber, such as figs and okra are what you need to lose weight. A healthy tip to lose weight and fat is to eat these foods first before you eat rice and meat or anything else on your plate.

Low-Carb Foods

Foods that are low in carbohydrates are great for your diet and weight loss plan. Eat brown rice over white rice and substitute white bread with whole grain bread and products, as whole wheat and whole grains help you to lose weight. Also, non-starchy vegetables, low-sugar fruits and high fiber foods are part of a low-carb diet geared to boost your weight loss plan.


Grapefruit is a nutritious, low-calorie, high-fiber fruit that helps you to lose weight and burn fat. Grapefruit is also an all around superfruit that helps you lose weight, get essential vitamins and minerals and protect you against cancers. Eat grapefruit to stay energized during your weight loss and diet plan.

Your weight loss and diet plan do not have to be bland. There are many healthy foods that help you lose weight that you can eat during your fat loss diet that are good for your waist and appeal to your taste buds. Berries, fish, turkey, grapefruit, milk, chicken and okra are just a few of the delicious weight loss foods that you can eat to ensure that you burn the fat and start to lose weight today.

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