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United States Department of Agriculture Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion March 1999 Program Aid 1647 TIPS for Using the FOOD GUIDE PYRAMID e

What’s in this booklet for me? his booklet introduces you to The Food Guide Pyramid. The Pyramid illus-trates the research-based food guidance

Inside the Pyramid—Point consumers to the in-depth information about each food group, discretionary calories, and physical activity on the website at “Inside the Pyramid.”

MyPyramid in Action Tips for Pregnant Moms What are “extras”? Extras are added sugars and solid fats in foods. Some examples of foods with “extras” are the following:

The Food Guide Pyramid & Portion Sizes Dairy & Nutrition Council of Indiana, Inc. What is the new pyramid? Grains Vegetables Fruits Oils Milk Meat & Beans Physical Activity. Grains Make at least half WHOLE GRAINS. Eat at least 3 ounces of whole grains each day.

SECOND MEETING OF OCTOBER BEFORE THE MEETING: Gather supplies: Sample Menu (ho), Meal Planning Chart (ho) copies, Food Pyramid copied onto card stock for each boy and an example food pyramid for

Note and chart paper Pens, markers Procedures 1. Tell students they will be using the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Guide Pyramid as a guide to their meal planning. Ask if they’ve seen the pyramid on the boxes of such foods as

40 minutes- put a food pyramid chart on the black board. Students with the raising of their hands will call out answers in order to fill in the chart. You can divide the class into two or four teams and keep a running score with prizes going to the winning team such

Print out your pyramid chart, attach it to your packet and take this information to fill in your three tracking sheets in your packet!!! Your assignment: Make sure your food chart is filled out and you put in any exercise you did.

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. Also, every time you reheat the food, it loses even more nutrition. So cook more weight. If you sincerely follow the 10 tips I have stated here, you will slowly

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MyPyramid compared with the original Food Guide Pyramid are that the guidance is accompanied by tips on how to achieve the recommended

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