Food Pyramid Quiz

Food Guide Pyramid Quiz Name_____ Match the following Food Guide Pyramid pieces with the primary nutrients each provides. Pyramid Piece Nutrients

The USDA publishes the food guide pyramid. Green vegetables typically contain vitamin ___A___. Name 2 meat alternatives. _____Eggs, dry beans, nuts, tofu_____

The _____ publishes the food guide pyramid. Green vegetables typically contain vitamin _____. Name 2 meat alternatives. _____ Name two of the four factors used to determine Food Pyramid serving sizes.

Food Pyramid Quiz Name_____ Questions: 1. The food pyramid suggests that we eat a varied diet. Which type of food should you eat the most of each day?

Dramatic increase in overweight kids and the health problems associated with copy-ready handouts, and a quiz. 12 . Italian Food Model Kit Life/form replicas; 10 plastic models and 1 booklet Ft. Atkinson, WI: NASCO. NAL Call Ethnic/Cultural Food Guide Pyramid page http://fnic.nal.usda.gov

HEALTHY SNACKS FOR KIDS . Children need 2-3 snacks daily. Choose foods from the Food Guide Pyramid. Great snack ideas that kids love: • Granola Bars • Mini bagel or crackers with cheese • Celery sticks with peanut butter

Del Monte Kids Zone – http://www.freshdelmonte.com/content.cfm?pageID=74. Great interactive site with games, recipes, etc . Also a great teacher(s site with lesson plans, science projects, and art activities. Food Guide Pyramid Interactive Quiz

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Healthy food for healthy kids: a practical and tasty guide to your child’s nutrition Food Guide Pyramid FDA Kids' Home Page: Food Safety Quiz http://www.fda.gov/oc/opacom/kids/default.htm

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