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Food Pyramid Game directions: Show children cut out of foods. Ask children where each foods item should be placed in the pyramid. Let children take turns to pin foods onto the pyramid in the proper category.

Highlights the five food groups your toddler needs to assure nutrient adequacy. For example, your child needs foods from the meat and beans group to provide adequate protein, Young children are also building the foundation for a lifetime of healthy eating.

Food groups The following are suggested servings from each of the Food Pyramid shelves. Offer the recommended serving from each Food Pyramid shelf every day.

Nutrition and the Food Pyramid (Food, 2009) An after-school education. Developed by: Shirley Vasovski . Ross Bruns . Kyle Harvey . Heather Wallace . Texas A&M University

Nutrition for Children Heather Skanchy Associates of Science Junior in Health Promotion and Nutrition Program Understand the Food Pyramid The old food guide pyramid was changed to MyPyramid so it can adjust to be more personal and also adds emphasis on the importance of fitness in maintaining a

Food Pyramid? The government food pyramid, while In the children’s book Who Built the Pyramid?1, different people take credit for building the once-grand pyramid of Senwosret. King Sen- This new pyramid fixes fundamental flaws in

The New Food Pyramid: What Kids Think Summarized for Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day April 28, 2005 The Healthcare Intelligence Network www.hin.com

child through busy days! So why is understanding the food pyramid important for your child’s health? It can help us, as parents, become more aware of what

United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) new Food Guide Pyramid for Young Children offers nutrition guidelines for 2- to 6-year-olds, emphasizing a variety of kid-friendly food choices and physical activity.

Elementary, the children learned about the food pyramid and why foods with of local children experienced this

Of Agriculture, or USDA, food guide pyramid is available to help adults and children make healthy food Food and Activity The Food Pyramid for Adults

Agrigculture came up with a new food guide pyramid to help parents with healthy eating goals for children. It’s a start, but remember to grab

The food pyramid. This followed an art class in which the children learned about the food pyramid and stuck on signs of the various food groups. Here are

Eat during pregnancy may make their children gay and Soy could be a main culprit prominately on the New Food Pyramid. We at Anglican Underground wanted

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