1. FOOD SWAP. .. .. ..GENIUS. i will be trying to incorporate that HERE at our
    Hospital. what a fun thing to try. thanks, Bonnie!

  2. Food swap brilliant idea will try it at the gym

  3. You make healthy eating sound so good! Coming from a family where my food
    is always seasoned, it’s been hard for mean to find other ways to add
    flavor to my good without sell the sodium. Definitely will be checking out
    your blog!

  4. Sarah Jane Parker

    The food swap is a great idea! Fantastic video and a great reminder for me
    to start meal planning and prepping more 🙂

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  6. Brendaliz Guerrero

    You had me at “Ropa Vieja” this sounds sooooooooooo delicious!!

  7. sweet potatoes are wonderful, but white potatoes will give you cancer and
    diabetes—the paleo diet

  8. sounds so much like me lol

  9. So much talking Blah Blah!!

  10. So helpful! Thank you.

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    Great video. Thank you for posting this. It will help many

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  16. Wow that’s really smart 😉

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  19. Do you heat your food up in the microwave?

  20. Back ground music is too loud and distracting. But I liked the information.

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  24. Great tips, Thank you!

  25. LOVE IT. Thank you sooo much!

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