1. Thanks for the video…I feel strangely motivated.

  2. @VivianxPhan I forgot! 🙂

  3. i live with my 2 siblings and both of them are trying to gain weight while
    i’m trying to lose weight! they keep buying ice cream and fatty foods…it

  4. Thankyou so much! Summer’s coming up so I won’t to tone down. This was very
    helpful! 🙂

  5. thanks for the advices and tips…

  6. FREEZING BANANA?? Rae thats epiiccccc!! do you have any other tricks lol im
    so trying that right now!

  7. hey Rae, here’s a super yummy recipe I do all the time! frozen banana
    slices plus a chobani plain yogurt and in the yogurt I mix in cinnamon,
    unsweetened cocoa powder, ground flax (sometimes) and a dollop of chunky
    peanut butter if i’m feeling indulgent. I use it as a “dip” for the banana
    it’s so good!

  8. Thank you for doing this video. I’ve had eating problems and been on/off
    diets all my life. It’s really hard to keep a healthy lifestyle especially
    when you have so much going on in your life. Thanks for being honest and
    sharing your tips. I’m really going to try and use your tips and hope for
    great results!!

  9. just dont eat carbs. For three weeks i only ate veggies and protein with NO
    carbs or fruit. now i only use whole grain carbs but i lost 8 pounds
    already. And juice sucks for you.

  10. i love this video. it helped me alott. it was very informative and i hope
    you make more videos like this later on.

  11. Great tips… try frozen blueberries I love them as a sweet snack instead
    of ice cream

  12. @SoLoveTiffany This month, I promise 🙂

  13. @771caro Add fruit and a little honey 🙂

  14. @frankehanna It’s taken me a month or so to see the changes 🙂

  15. thanks for filming this! i’ve been trying to eat healthier and exercise
    better, but i actually started gaining weight once i gave up coffee for
    Lent o_O

  16. does the brazillian butt work out only work on your butt? or everything?

  17. haha…are you chinese?

  18. OT: I love your MU videos because you feature luxury brands and are very
    pretty! Thanks for this video as well.

  19. MissConfusedBunny

    Thank you for such an encouraging and positive vlog! It was beautifully
    delivered. I need to make a consistent change in my eating and excerise
    habits. I used to be able to take either aerobics or Pilates during the
    quarter, but with CA’s horrible budget cuts the classes are no longer
    offered. I do walk on campus a lot and take the stairs. It’s funny you
    mentioned the Butt Master workout because I wanted to give it a try. I
    agree with you about individually packaged items being more effective i

  20. TheLightOfMyWindow

    Rachel, what are you wearing on your face? Like foundation/concelear wise?
    It looks amazing 🙂 (like always anyways)

  21. Great suggestions! My biggest obstacle has always been my commitment and
    motivation. Videos like these motivate me. 🙂 Watching this video makes me
    want to snack on edamame for some reason 😛

  22. Love your videos! Recently, I had seen the advertisement of the Brazilian
    Butt Lift on tv and been wanting to try it! Please let me know how it is.
    Thank you! I tend to lose weight but then I gain it back so it is very
    frustrating. I am a mother of 4 and trying to get back into shape! I am
    5’1″ and weigh about 115-120 so would like to get back into a size 2! I try
    to fit in some exercise like jogging, pilates, and home exercises but
    sometimes I am too busy so I only do it 2-3 times a week 🙁

  23. love your makeup!

  24. @lan1650 Oh, I totally forgot to mention edamame! That’s my favorite
    healthy snack, too 🙂

  25. Great video.

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