1. Flex Fitness Birmingham
  2. KUSMEH CUZZY BRO smh pakis

  3. Mash’Allah!!!

  4. Bunch of Sted head faggots

  5. This is sick! Upload more videos!!!

  6. Birminghams number 1,Body-Building and Fitness gym! A gym which will ensure
    you reach your desired goals

  7. Birmingham’s #1 Bodybuilding Gym! Some of the best equipment and staff I’ve
    seen! #TeamFlex 

  8. The best Gym I’ve been too by far! Keep up the work Flex! 

  9. Some shocking form on those deadlifts.

  10. If this doesn’t motivate you to get up and do something, then nothing will.
    Well put together video guys! Keep up the good work.

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