Flat Belly Zucchini Cake

Folded flat bread with ham, zucchini, taleggio and tomatoes . FOCACCIA TIROLESE . GORGONZOLA . pomodoro, gorgonzola cheese, mozzarella . eggs and smoked duck belly sautéed tagliatelle with pecorino .

Country style flat bread smeared with wild black garlic (v) 13 Confit Cooked in sage butter, served with battered zucchini blossoms filled with goat’s curd, buttered kale, basil micro cake,

Mini tomato and feta bruschetta topped with crispy flat pancetta Smoked trout, dill, zucchini and onion tarte tatin, orange marmalade, Twice cooked pork belly, sautéed garlic spinach, polenta cake, truffle honey carrots, sweet apple chutney and a

flat bread CHICKEN LIVER PARFAIT 14.00 ham hock pea, parmesan béchamel, fresh mint Salad & Starters CHILLI CRAB CHOWDER 16.00 ZUCCHINI CAKE 16.00 pesto, walnuts, broccolini LAMBS FRY DIANE 14.50 GRILLED OCTOPUS 18.50 eggplant, kumara across his belly from the stove bolted below

BYO Cake $2pp to maximum 16.00/cake Corkage $10 per 750ml bottle (wine only) capsicum and zucchini, salad greens, cous-cous and warm flat bread Roast Pork Belly GF 30

Including wedding cake served with Penn State Creamery ice cream; and a bridal Naan Flat Bread with Crumbled Feta, Oregano, Lemon, and Grilled Zucchini Slow-Cooked Berkshire Pork Belly on Apples

Slow Roasted Pork Belly on a crispy grit cake with Robert’s tomato jam, Not your typical flat bread — chargrilled over an open wood grill and finished in the oven. zucchini, yellow squash,

Seared tuna, noodle cake, avocado mousse, nori Seared scallop, roasted pork belly, green mango salsa, rice crisp Kataifi prawns, coriander and green chili dipping sauce flat bread Zucchini quesadilla, tomato chipotle Truffled mushroom pithivier Rare beef,

zucchini and ricotta roulade . . . . . . .$22 .90 or duck liver pâté, herbed olives, cha sui pork belly, kimchi dumpling, ramen noodles, coffee and cake: doughnut, chocolate danish,

zucchini, corn + halloumi fritters $14.50 w/ confit pork belly, smoked pumpkin puree + rock candy dressing (gf) hot camembert mini wheel $16.00 w/ leek, potato + feta cake, roast portabello mushrooms, beets + cumin jus (gf)

Pork Belly tacos soy glaze | miso vinaigrette | cabbage | cilantro 9 roasted Chicken chorizo-zucchini hash | braised thigh | roasted tomatoes prime flat iron steak* roasted beets | toasted walnut freekeh

Ask your server for details. Visit us at maclarens.com *Ask for our Gluten-Free Menu* Topped with melted cheese and served with our focaccia flat bread. Zucchini Sticks 7 House-made, breaded and Our own cheesecake with a chocolate cake crust and raspberry coulis.

To Whet Your Appetite ~ Guacamole ~ our classic prepared fresh tableside 13 . with cheese 14 . Braised Pork Belly . mofongo, mojo rojo, orange 15 . Head Chef: caramelized zucchini puree, cotija cheese, oven-dried tomatoes 23 §

BULGOLGI PORK BELLY 14 bok choy kimchi, pickled kumquat, cauliflower corn cake, yellow zucchini, luna farms cherry tomatos, grilled onion, peach glaze . farm flat-iron steak, truffle fries, plum aioli . PUB BURGER 14 .

Fried Zucchini Bread Whipped Cream Chocolate Ganache Cake Milk Chocolate Gelato | Cabernet Soaked Bing Cherries | Citrus Crumble Pan Seared Scallops 36 Sweet Cream Corn Risotto | Tangerine Confit Pork Belly Polenta | Buttered Sweet Potato Wedge Frites | Red Onion Brussels

LUncH WItH PersOnalItY DESIGN-YoUR-owN pLATED LUNCHEoNS • Grilled Flat Iron Steak – truffle white Cheddar macaroni and cheese and Dijon sauce · “ZLT” Flatbread Sandwich – grilled zucchini, vine ripe tomatoes, jalapeño

BYO Cake $2pp to maximum 16.00/cake Corkage $10 per 750ml bottle (wine only) capsicum and zucchini, salad greens, cous-cous and warm flat bread Roast Pork Belly GF 30

Flat bread with oven-roasted peppers, caramelized onions, black olives Crispy chickpea cake served with guindilla ajo blanco CROQUETAS DE POLLO . $9 COCA DC ATUN pork belly, lamb shank, garafone and English peas person PAELLAS DC MAQISCOS

Chilled Zucchini & Basil Soup smoked shrimp 10 Clam Chowder house saltine 9 Whole Belly Clam 20 Fish Heads or Tails priced daily Daily Whole Fish 26 Flat Iron Steak grilled summer vegetables, 26 red wine butter*

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