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SALE Catalog Your guide to new products, Organic Southwest Taco Seasoning was included as part of a recipe in the regular feature “Your Flat Belly Own Organics Newman’s Special Blend and Tully’s Coffee Pacifiers Hawaiian Blend

Veritable Vegetable Availability List 1100 Cesar Chavez Street Melon HAOGEN Full Belly CCOF 20# BOX 27.50 Alba Organics CCOF 12PT FLAT 36.50 Berry STRAWBERRY [open pint] Santa Cruz Berry Farms CCOF 12PT FLAT 38.00

PORK BELLY. peach, sorgum & chipotle glaze, black eyed pea salad EGGPLANT CAPONATA FLAT BREAD. Frog Song Organics eggplant, house made ricotta, Olde Hearth flat bread SNAPPER CAKES. comeback sauce CHEESE TRIO. Reypenaer- 1 yr. Gouda,

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Barley Berries –full belly 2 Lbs. Duck Eggs – salmon creek Flat (2.5 doz.) Page 4 of 4 Availability for Monday Feb. 23

BRYDONE ORGANICS – green tomatoes ple more pinches of sea salt flakes and serve with plenty of toasted flat breads! Cut the pork belly into 6 pieces, rub the skin of each piece with season ‐ ing and

Flat Iron Steak 18 Kale, bearnaise sauce. Served medium-rare Belly, Homestead Natural Foods, Sweet Valley Organics, Gaston’s Bakery, Idaho’s Bounty, Lava Lake Lamb, Vogel Farms, Cloverleaf Creamery Idaho, Meadowlark-Farm, M & N Cattle Co., Acme Bakeshop and

VIKING – BELLY RIVER SYSTEM matter with transported land-derived organics and inorgan to tidal flat deposits of the J sandstone interval, Denver Basin, are characteristic of valley-fill deposition.

Pampered Chef 29 Good Belly 95 Lucky Palate 157 Stonewall Jerquee 30 Bastyr 96 Garden Protein 158 Gretchen's Grains 32 Flat Rock Health 98 Organics USA 160 Rudi's Bakery 33 Tacoma Co-op 99 Wilderness Poets 161 Lisanatti 34 Heidi Ho 100 Juice Plus 162

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Purple Barley Berries –full belly 2 Lbs. Duck Eggs – salmon creek Flat (2.5 doz.) Page 4 of 4 Availability for Monday July 13 –

Prime usda flat iron -7(cooked to medium rare) taku river salmon -6 grilled chicken -5 rodriguez tortillas, meridian meat company, peaceful belly, sweet valley organics pepperoni italian sausage canadian bacon shredded mozz fresh mozz parmesan sundried artichoke hearts mushrooms red onion

INFORMA TION ABOUT EXHIBITORS 140 З/У – ЗАОЧНОЕ УЧАСТИЕ/ PARTICIPATION IN ABSENTIA; ADONIA ORGANICS 14C28 191025, Mayakovsky Str. 3-б, bldg. А, ‘Flat Belly’, ‘Light Legs’ and many others.

Pork from Iowa's Becker Lane Organics. Fruit forward, building to a rich umami and a sweet finish. Boneless. Sold whole (7-91bs ea). FLAT PANCETTA Fully cured pork belly, seasoned with rosemary, peppercorns, and bay. Cured flat. Acorn Tamworth or Americana. Sold

A week-long meal plan of gluten-free recipes 1 bunch flat leaf parsley 1 lemon 1 pear 1 can tomato paste (check for GF status) • When buying canned foods, look for BPA-free cans such as Eden Organics brand or Trader Joe’s.

Organics Exotics Fruit Logistica Malawi: Sweet potatoes demand high (1) << back | freshplaza.com 1 Tip of a flat belly : Cut down 3 lbs of your belly every week by using this 1 old weird tip. Fatburningfurnace.com Bar coding fresh produce?

Barley Berries –full belly 2 Lbs. Duck Eggs – salmon creek Flat (2.5 doz.) Page 4 of 4 Availability for Monday Feb. 23

FIsH CONsUMPTION ADVIsORY FATTY AREAS TRIM AWAY DOTTED AREAS To reduce PCBs and other organics: • Remove all skin. • Slice off fat belly meat along the bottom of the fish. • Cut away any fat above the fish’s backbone.

Garcia Organics Heirloom Organics Jaime Jimenez Marin Roots McGrath Family Murray Pork Belly & Dates 19. Quail & Farro Stuffing 17. Roasted Cured Foie Gras Torchon & Apple 33. Flat Iron Steak 38. Dry-Aged Sirloin 20 oz. 70. Braised Beef Short Ribs 48.

Taking A Bite Out Of 'Organics' Now that warmer days are upon us, • 2 tbsp chopped flat leaf parsley Put the zucchini in a colander and sprinkle with salt and toss. owner of Full Belly Farm, said that whether Pollan likes it or not, he is an

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