Five Easy Ways To Protect Your Skin From The Acne Invasion

The face is usually the basis for beauty to most if not all people. These days, imperfection of the facial features is almost as bad as being cursed with the black plague!.

One of these plague-like infirmities of the facial temple would be Acne. Since these days Acne or Zits would mean the social execution for just about anyone, here are a few tips on how to avoid the acne invasion. Mind you, all of these tips can be done within the confines and privacy of the home.

First off is the basic, Drink a lot of water. In case you have not heard already, water is actually a very essential liquid for maintaining the functions of the body. This includes keeping the skin hydrated. Keeping the skin hydrated is basic in avoiding not just acne but all skin problems in general.

The second way to avoid acne would be to maintain facial hygiene. Yes, you might scoff at this tiny and almost mundane tip. But it is essential to never underdo or overdo the facial hygiene. It is not good to wash the face as much as ten times a day. It isn’t very helpful either to only wash once a day. Washing the face should happen about three times a day at even intervals. During the morning and before bedtime would be the best time to wash.

The third way would be almost just as basic you would laugh at it. It would be to get as much fresh air and sunlight as possible. Yes, you might be sick of hearing this, but sunlight gives you the essential vitamin D and activates vitamins within the body that helps keep the skin healthy.

The fourth way to help protect the skin from the horror that is acne would be to drink lots of lemon juice. If you do not already know what the lemon juice is for, you probably deserve a big patch of acne on your face. Seriously though, the lemon juice gives you vitamin C, and it is a widely known fact that vitamin C keeps the glow and protection in your face.

The last tip would be to change pillow cases and bed sheets regularly. These things come in contact with your face on a daily basis, and for prolonged periods at that. Dirty pillow cases mean dirty face.

So there you have it: The five easy ways to avoid having acne on your precious facial skin. You may not even be required some spending much money. In fact, these helpful tips are almost totally free. Though these little tips wouldn’t surely prove a cure to acne problems, they would most certainly help in keeping the skin healthy.

In short, proper facial hygiene, drinking lots of water and lemon juice, get adequate sunlight and fresh air, and of course, changing the linens and pillow cases would help much in protecting the face from much-dreaded acne.

How eating right can help get rid of oily skin

It’s one thing to have a perfectly moisturized, soft skin and to have a greasy plate for a face. Though there are those people who consider having oily skin being “healthy”, the majority consensus says that oily skin is the arch-enemy of the whole world.

Actually, having oil or sebum on one’s face is normal and is a trait of a healthy dermal layer, it is not also good to have too much oil on the skin that you could break an egg on it and make a sunny side up if you stare at the sun long enough. Oily skin can cause many skin problems like pimples and zits.

That’s why it has to be controlled. One good way to control it though is through diet. Here are a few things to remember when going against oily skin:

1.) Citrus fruits- Any citrus fruits will do. The primary target to be acquired here is actually the high amount of Vitamin C that they have. People might ask what vitamin C can do to help against the oiliness of the skin. The answer lies in the ability of the vitamin C to adjust the acidity of the skin and to help regenerate the skin cells, giving the face that oil-free complexion people so desire.

2.) Food with Vitamins B complex and E- Both these vitamins can be found in green leafy vegetables. These two essential vitamins are the ones that help produce elastin, which in turn makes the skin healthier, which in turns lessens the skin’s probability of producing more oil.

3.) Foods with the Omegas- It is always important to consume foods with the essential fatty acids or EFA. These kinds of food include cold water fish and all kinds of seafood, nuts, and green leafy vegetables. The Essential Fatty Acids include such nutrients as Omega-3 and Omega-6 which are very good antioxidants and are very essential in keeping the skin healthy.

4.) Water- Though technically not a kind of food, water still maintains its being an essential element in health. The water rejuvenates the skin and flushes out any and most toxins within. This good in both keeping the skin healthy and remedying skin problems such as oily skin.

With all the medications and cosmetic products nowadays, people might tend to listen more to advertisements and less to the natural remedies around them. “Beautiful Body Ideal Weight” recommends you Visit Native Remedies for Proven, Effective and 100% Safe Herbal Remedies.

It would do much good to look to the diet to solve much of the skin problems that exist, especially oily skin. With such foods that would not only nourish the muscles and bones and whatnot, but would also help in ridding the skin of such excessive oiliness, who would not want to try these scrumptious little medications. Though with this comes the understanding that proper hygiene and avoidance of stress are also needed, oily skin is sure to be solved with these select foods.

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Updated: February 4, 2016 — 1:08 am

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