1. Fitness Tip Tuesdays!! Woohoo! Favorite videos of yours!

  2. waiting every Tuesday for these know! (: <3 awesome advice thanks Brett!

  3. Fitness tips for college students please!!!!!!!

  4. Dee Funakoshi-Aquino

    Great job with your new channel. Nice to near other trainera out there that
    actually know what they are taking about . For being in this industry for
    over ten hears and owning an elite personal training full size gym, I can
    say that is rare.so props

  5. Brett you inspire me so so much! I take notes of your tips and always do
    the workouts with you. I want to have an amazing body by the time that my
    bf comes back from the army! You’ve helped me out so much already and I’m
    sure there’s more to come. I don’t only want to do it for him, but for
    myself as well! Thanks Brett! <3 I'm not giving up!

  6. I would like to see healthy dessert-suggestions that works for Europeans
    also (not particular brand-stuff you can buy in stores because sometimes
    you only can buy those in the states) more like a suggestion with fruit or
    things like that 🙂 I hope you understand what I mean 🙂 Happy holidays!

  7. Your videos are awesome Brett! make me want to go and run a mile xD

  8. Could you do a video for pregnant women out there? I’m 2 months now and I
    want to be able to work out especially for this month of fatty foods 

  9. Thx you Brett for all your advices !!!!! you are great

  10. And ur right family peer pressure is tough and people may get their
    feelings hurt but I always stand my ground and don’t let anyone convince me
    otherwise. I am one for not eating dessert because I can’t control myself,
    so I just avoid it all together. But I do believe if you can limit yourself
    to a piece of pie or cake you can have that piece. Indulging once in a
    while is not that bad in my opinion. 

  11. U know what I’ll be honest it’s kinda hard to say No to those holiday
    food..I’m Filipino so we always have the rice and noodles and sweet deserts
    so it’s kinda hard to skip it but I’ll remember ur tip so I won’t dig
    myself Into those foods….Thanks again Brett

  12. I just followed all the steps and entered you’re new giveaway! I entered on
    ALL social Media except Twitter <3 i wish to winnnnn :)

  13. I love tip tuesday the short sweet and to the point, keep up with these
    videos! I love your videos about meal planning those are my favorite, they
    give ideas on what to eat and how much of it! Love you bret!!!

  14. Yay fitnes tip Tuesday! Love these 

  15. Brett you’re awesome! You are very motivational. Can you please over
    workouts to do in the gym, as i want to start working out again in the gym
    but i dont know what to do. Just to note, i’m female and in my mid-teens

  16. I love fitness tip tuesdays, they are really helpful and easy to follow!
    Thank you so much for all that you do, you are an inspiration! xo

  17. Hi Brett, this may sound a little mad, but is there a beginner type of
    burpee? I cannot do them remotely! i just fall over lol! I’m trying to do
    your interval training videos but spend most of my time falling over :-S 

  18. love these tips…thx!!!!
    I will take your tips and will listen lol gotta be strong and tips like
    yours do help

  19. Do you think you could possibly talk about different types of motivation
    especially for us beginners who can’t seem to stay motivated, and talk
    about what first motivated you and what keeps you motivated! Thanks, 

  20. Can we have a inner thigh workout video?

  21. I need tips on running shoes. I always injure my foot while running and I’m
    guessing it’s the shoes. 

  22. Love the healthy tips ..keep them coming! 

  23. Thanks for the tips Brett! Love your videos

  24. Great tips! Bracing for the onslaught of New Years Resos at the gym. Can’t
    wait to see how many people show up for classes in January! (Grrrrr)

  25. Brett if you could do a video on healthy lunches for work or school that
    would be soo helpful. I usually take a spinach salad or turkey wrap but im
    starting to get sick of those options :/ thank you so much ! these videos
    are life changing !

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