1. Can you do diet tip Wednesday?

  2. Can you give tips on how to survive the holidays/feasts

  3. Dude tips on life and whether or not university is necessary for someone
    who wants to join the military or go into physical fitness?

  4. ***some tips on working out when when your sick would be nice or healthy
    tips to speed up a cold?***

  5. you are so perfect in every single way i love your videos and they motivate
    me by you giving me new ideas to work on

  6. Awesome Tips! Thanks Brett(: xoxo

  7. I really like all the tips you give. They’ve been helping me a lot. You’re
    a humble guy. I Appreciate your work

  8. Love love this Tuesday tip :-)

  9. Cardio and weight training tips

  10. Relationship tips!

  11. relationship tips plllllllllleassee !!!!!!!!

  12. I love your videos, you and Carli are both such humble and warm hearted
    souls…thanks to your tips and workouts I’m slowly getting into my pre
    baby shape..Thank you, from the bottom of my heart..

  13. Hey brett can you give us tips how to relief soreness after a workout ..

  14. Hi!

    I just entered the giveaway and followed I love you tips!

  15. Love your vids… Pleasee give us your opinion on Cleanses and the types of
    fast that are healthy and beneficial for the body .. I admire you and
    Carlii .. xoxo notgossipgirl :*

  16. Yo Brett when would be the best time to work out if u work the grave yard

  17. Love this tip! Thanks Brett! 

  18. I really want to loss weight, but I can not find motivation?

  19. I love the music tip. My 13 year old daughter just did a Science project
    about music and exercise motivation. She proved faster songs and favorite
    tunes make you work harder. I loved your snack video. We eat a lot of the
    same things here. Would love to see more healthy snack/meal options
    especially for cravings and alternatives to junk/sweets etc. Like what do
    you have when you are really craving chocolate or ice cream? Do you indulge
    or substitute it for something lighter?? Keep the tips coming!!! Thank you!

  20. make a video about the best machines to help you lose weight 

  21. Loved this video! How about tips on how not to procrastinate! Its a huge
    problem, not just with working out with everything! lol 

  22. Thanks for the tips! New to you channel (thanks to your beautiful lady) and
    I think this will help me reach my goals… I just turned 30 yesterday and
    my goal for myself is to lose 30lbs and be healthy for this decade! 🙂 

  23. TheVeryBestAnnaEver

    I’ve really been needing a video like this! Getting to the gym is so
    difficult for me because I find it almost impossible to self-motivate. I’m
    definitely gonna put some pictures in the kitchen to motivate me to eat
    healthier and actually drive to the gym (which is basically down the
    street) THANK YOU BRETT!!! You rock. 

  24. Can you let us know which music you have on your Workout Playlist please?
    I’ve been looking for suggestions for some motivating songs. :)

  25. Carli & Brett thank you guys SOO muchh for helping be out. Not only do you
    guys have amazinggg looks but you guys have an amazing HEARTT. <3 <3<3<3.
    And i just finished following you guys on twitter becaus eive been
    following you guys on EVERYTHING eles for the lst pass months lol , carli
    fyi you stand out from all the beauty gurlsss on youtube for many reasons,
    like on all your video the quotes you but up 🙂 ,thankk youuuuu, they have
    help me out through tough timees like your smile btw . 🙂 have a lovellyyyy
    day both of you and thank you for all you guys do !! and if i dont win will
    thank you anayways lovess have a great day :)) 

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