1. Good to kno man thnx

  2. Omg! Love this idea !!!!! Thank you!!!!

  3. Advice coming from a guy with amazing abs..who, by the way, has a stunning
    girlfriend with sexy body, you better believe me i will try this out!!!! No
    joke! Im doing it while i watch this video!

  4. I actually started doing something and literally saw results immediately. I
    started drinking green tea every morning and I noticed that i was less
    hungry and i would end up not eating because I had no appetite…I actually
    researched it and noticed that green tea makes you loose appetite…try it
    and brett what do you think about this

  5. Thank you so much

  6. Wow thanks i didn’t know about this. Something I could definitely do with
    my busy routine. Keep making videos!!!!!! I would really like to see more
    health food videos xD

  7. I absolutely adore you and Carli. You guys are so necessary. She is amazing
    with her style and make up techniques. You guys are awesome and thank you
    for all you do. Amazing tip!

  8. Christina Pinatiello

    Wow thank you, hey is it true to not have too much dairy in your diet?

  9. Love you thank you for all the great tips 

  10. today im going to start #brettcapfitness !!

  11. I love all your videos they’re so great and help full!! I also really
    really like how you try to comment back to what people say it really shows
    you care about your subscribers!! Greatly appreciate it 

  12. Can you make a video on how to get a flat stomach for guys? Or just a how
    to get rid of belly fat? Thanks for this tip I will definitely use it,
    great video!

  13. Thank you so much for the information…looking forward for more fitness
    tip Tuesdays :)

  14. You’re motivating me everyday, to get up off my butt & workout. I love,
    love, love your food videos…recipes, meal/snack options, etc, bc that’s
    typically the part I struggle with when trying to get into shape. Thank you
    for ALL your videos…keep em coming!!!! :)

  15. Your videos help and motivate me so much! Thanks Brett!

  16. The transverses tip is great

  17. n all my comments get posted at d same time 😮 lol

  18. Working out my transversus abdominus right now!

  19. Thank you, good to know! I learn so much through your videos and of course
    through Carli’s channels as well for the beauty :)

  20. Hi brett i have a questtion.. do you recommend a stomach cleanse once a

  21. Great tip, I’ve been holding my abs in at all times for years! Love this
    move, really works. 

  22. Hey thanks 4 this I am always lookin up 2 u for help like n I thank u 4
    doin t that!:) so I am 14 n I was wondering if u can do like a video 4 ppl
    my age n how to get abs n be toned… Thank u so much Brett!!!(: 

  23. Alexandra Vicuna-Perry

    Thank you…these tips are great!!!!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and
    Carli(pretty girl)

  24. Awesome tip!!

  25. Keep up the good work! Great tip btw

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