1. Great tip Brettt! You are amazing man! I love watching your videos xoxo
    greetings from Dubai and I hope to see you someday you and Carli! Come here
    in your vacation you will love it here!! Xoxo

  2. Great tips! Thanks. Merry Christmas Brett & Carli <3 you guys are amazing

  3. Thanks!!

  4. Thanks !!!!!!! N merry Xmas !! 

  5. You mean Plateauing?

  6. Omg I’ve been plateauing for a while now. I really needed this thanks

  7. Awesome!! Thank you!!

  8. Thanks Brett, happy holidays to you! I have allowed myself Christmas Day &
    Boxing Day to enjoy and overdulge here and there, will be back on track
    tomorrow! Thanks for the plateauing tips!

  9. Your fitness tips are helping me learn more i look forward to more thanks!

  10. Hi brett, love your videos, just a questio what would you say is the best
    way to slim thighs as well as get rid of the fat that just sits where the
    belly is?

  11. Really great insights. You really do have a lot of energy! Trying to keep
    up with you talking… I’m like “slow down!” Haha

  12. Hey, Merry Christmas!
    I do have a question, do home workout videos do less or more effect than a

  13. Got any tips for the legs and thighs? Got my mom’s side of the family thick
    thighs =[ hate.hate.hate.them. thank u and happy New years

  14. AWESOME so so so helpful! !:):):) keep up the good work! 

  15. Please post a diary vlog of what you eat in a week. That would be great to
    see different options for healthy meals and snacks. Anyone else agree that
    this would be a great video.??????????????????

  16. What supplements would you recommend to take during your workout at the
    gym? I know you mentioned amino acids but can you give examples of what
    one’s drink should consist of when drinking it during working out? Thanks

  17. ………………

  18. Those are just amazing tips – big thanks:)

  19. Great tips to start a new year! Thanks!

  20. Thanks Brett! Love your tips they’re super helpful! Definitley needed this.

  21. Great video Brett! Would increading the weights used for an excercise help
    with plateauing at all or is it really a matter of changing the excercise

  22. You give really simple advice thanks soo much! Love you Brett and Carli
    hope you have an amazing new year in 2014!!!

  23. Hey Brett! I loveeeeeee everything thing both you & Carli stand for (: You
    guys are amazing! ..I rarely post comments on YT, but I felt I needed to
    express my gratitude towards you especially.. I’m only a few pounds away
    from reaching my first goal — I’m so excited! Thank you!

    I’m 23 yrs old with the height of 4’11”. What would be a healthy weight
    point for me? BMI? 

  24. bret what shud i do to enhance my lower abs..any precise exercise u
    recommend? pls help

  25. Merry Xmas Brett ,Carli and others :-)

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