1. REJUVENATE & DE-STRESS! Do this short yoga routine anytime to recharge &
    relax. Level 1 – 2. Only 45 minutes.

  2. great session! love the relaxing enviroment and just the right amount of
    stretching, power and relaxation. Will be adding to my routine a few days a

  3. Anastasia Gerali

    I did enjoy the voice over and the class, thank you very much for sharing.
    Can I make a suggestion though, as I am a yoga & pilates instructor I find
    cues for correct muscle engagement are VERY important. The girl’s technique
    was all wrong (21:20). Core not engaged when lowering / lifting legs,
    shoulders curling in, closing the lung’s maximum capacity range. Just a
    small observation on my part, no mention or core engagement. But still very
    enjoyable to follow and practice. Thank you again.

  4. I disagree, he sounded soothing and relaxing.

  5. OMMMMmmmmmmmm

  6. Shes absolutely gorgeous!!!!!! Very professional and elegant…….. what
    the hell do people mean her eyes are empty??? …..WTF, go back to watching
    porn, Star Wars and Harry Potter looosers!!!!!

  7. Visvanadin Palaniswamy

    Marvelous routine yoga in my life.

  8. Yoga for the Beginner

    Working out with yoga on a daily basis helps you feel recharged and relaxed.

  9. emanuela Buonfiglio

    perfect i did it and i feel awesome!!! thanks in lake’ch

  10. ale bym ją zlatał..

  11. Wow that girl just smiles

  12. nice one. even surya namaskar keeps the body and mind fit.

  13. I think I fell asleep at the end

  14. #yoga for level 1 & 2 Let get moving strong body and mind 🙂
    [love the teacher’s body :] xo

  15. Amazing.

  16. Pedro Morales Jimenez

    name of the girl?

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  18. Seems awkward that she isn’t the one instructing it also… moving on… 

  19. if the can jus shut it up i would have appreciate it!

  20. fake smile FTL

  21. One of the best yoga videos on Youtube. A++ Keep up the good work!!!!

  22. I liked this – nice combination of strength, stretch, and relaxation.
    Perfect for an active rest day.

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