1. Their booty and thighs got skinnier though

  2. 06:00 WTF?

  3. penis motivation

  4. Had a wrist workout while watching this xD

  5. girls shouldnt have musles like dat thats fkin ugly.

  6. If cardio burns fat then what about girls boobs?

  7. who came for the thumbnail?

  8. Wow very cool

  9. muted the music – made me wanna break shit after the first 5 min 

  10. 5:02

  11. music , video and training..:))

  12. 5:50 :D

  13. Respect

  14. i came for the porn

  15. motivation to go to the gym and stare at these girls…

  16. 05:52 *.*

  17. first song track list please?

  18. 90% fap motivation xD

  19. These dudes are amazing!

  20. Im motivated

  21. How can i find the name of the music?

  22. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. look at the girls they ain´t all bodybuilding….they just look good and

    but when i think of bodybuilder women i allways have the picture of a women
    with really muscles on her body poppin up in my mind

    anyway they look amazing nice video^^

    im sorry i see its not about bodybuilding

  24. this does not motivate me…I find myself rather tired acyually

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