1. I shot this video for those of you who are new to working out at the gym. I
    know it can be intimidating but here are some tips to get your mind in the
    right place to get maximal results. 

  2. First

  3. Thank you, this felt good 😉 

  4. How do you define who is a beginner?

  5. What’s your height and weight, n ya body fat % too 🙂 

  6. Dude you bulk up. You thinner back the.

  7. I disagree . Sometimes you need to give a little on form. There’s a lot of
    roads to get stronger and bigger. Try different things. But to get both
    bigger and stronger you have to move the weight. If you not pushing
    yourself to lift more that you did the last workout. Your gonna be the same
    this time next year!!

  8. Ok, so I can’t actually do what you are doing; but videos like this, and
    your channel in general, are good motivators. Thanks a lot.

  9. 10% body fat? Oy! If that pic of yours is not motivation enough. I don’t
    know what is! 

  10. useful tips buddy !! thanx 

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