1. I always find it funny that they’ll show a complete tit, minus the nipple!
    Might as well show it all!

  2. why dont you just inject synthol ?

  3. excellent work

  4. shuold have used a gradually softening composite material. it looks a
    little bit unnatural at leats on the part of the later part of the video.

  5. How much time after the surgers with the directly sideways picture?

  6. Where are the people who will say, “She’s lazy. She should just work out.”?
    Oh that’s right, all she does is work out. Excellent work Dr. Kim. Don’t
    let the haters get to you.

  7. Her boob naturally looks okay . I hope her new one adjust. It’s a bit too

  8. You should post the full anesthesia induction next time!

  9. Why’d they blur it in the video then showed it at the end?

  10. hi there,
    please check your youtube inbox for a possible business opportunity

  11. Seriously cannot wait until I get my boobies done from him! I’m glad he can
    still give you silicone at 18 ^.^ so happy

  12. before가 훨씬 낫구만…

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