1. hotforwords?

  2. are you the hot4words girl ??

  3. work of art

  4. good exercises ! Congratulations !

  5. Beautiful work out.

  6. Wow, my blood is pumping just watching you! Outstanding, I’m inspired to go
    get in real shape!

  7. i did this set today, and holly crap is it hard. i was ready to toss my
    cookies around the sit ups. thanx for posting this along with all the other
    exercise videos.

  8. HARD WORK 😀

  9. marry me but dont kick my ass

  10. She’s cute, but she is too fit to attract me and a lot of guys i know of.
    But i DO wish my abs were that defined.

  11. whenshaltthoubebetta

    haha even with all this work outs and muscle she has acquired, she still
    wouldn’t be stronger than a man who doesn’t work out nearly half as much.

  12. yup, that would kill me.

  13. wouldnt mind if she kicked my ass

  14. i would

  15. I wanna get married!!!!

  16. wow i thought i did what u would call a hardcore workout….i guess i’ll
    have to step it up about 5 notch’s, lol

  17. hey girll u have a killer body how long have u been workin out??

  18. wow she would beat the shit out of me man.

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  20. Alejandra Batista

    really good!


  22. Big fan of her

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