Fitness Keys – Burst Training With Good Nutrition and a Body Cleanse

So you want to get fit and get in shape? You probably want to lose fat, feel energized, and look good at the beach and in the bedroom. Jogging alone won’t do it, and neither will aerobic exercise combined with eating the way the touted food pyramid suggests-unless of course you want to have a shape like the food pyramid. What you need instead is burst training and proper nutrition combined with a quality, nutrient-replacing body cleanse program.

No one, except maybe jockeys and high-school wrestlers, simply wants to lose weight. Rather, most people want to lose fat. The problem with extended so-called aerobic exercise like jogging is that, while it does burn calories, it doesn’t really do much to help you lose fat. And that means a large portion of the weight you lose is in fact muscle mass. And a loss of muscle mass means a slower metabolism, which in turn makes it all that much harder to lose fat. So you need a fitness program that promotes fat loss while at the same time conserving or increasing your muscle mass.

Burst training holds the answer. Although not exactly the same as high-intensity interval training, burst training is similar because it involves short bursts of effort at about 90% of maximum capacity followed by short periods of rest. Burst training promotes fat burning, allows more time for recovery, raises your heart rate, and revs up your metabolism. And unlike with jogging or other prolonged aerobic activity, after a burst-training session is over, your metabolism stays revved up for a while and continues to burn fat.

As for nutrition, forget the food pyramid. All those suggested grains at the broad bottom of the pyramid are likely to make your bottom just as broad as the pyramid’s base. What you need to do is eat plenty of fibrous vegetables and good fruits and make sure to consume sufficient high-quality protein. For your protein needs, you should concentrate on fish and fowl and lean meats and avoid dairy products.

Also try to eat for what you are going to being doing for the next three of four hours. If you have a workout ahead of you, then you’ll need some carbs for energy and fuel to get you through that workout. If you’re getting ready for bed, then, with respect to macronutrients, all you need is some quality protein for muscle repair. Just make sure to plan ahead and eat accordingly.

The third fitness key is the use of a well designed body cleanse and nutrition program/system. In our western, industrial world, we all unavoidably absorb toxins from the environment and the food we eat every day. One of the most effective answers to this modern inevitability is a good whole body cleanse to flush these toxins from your body and promote fitness by creating an optimum operating environment for your body. But the thing to remember is that body cleansers are far from being created equal.

The 21 Day Body Makeover-a complete whole body cleanse and nutrient-replacing program-consists of four components, all essential for health and fitness:

– The Power Cleanse – supports all the pathways of detoxification in the body

– World’s Best Protein Powder – helps the liver during detoxification, promotes muscle building, and boosts the immune system

– Skinny Fiber – supports fat loss by reducing appetite and calories absorbed and optimizes insulin response

– Live Green – a nutrient-replenishing blend of antioxidant fruits, herbs, and enzymes

The 21 Day Body Makeover really is different from and contains much more than most of the other body cleansers out there.

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