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The “weigh” he was Camp America commandant loses more than 50 pounds with help from friends Army Sgt. 1st Class Danny Carreras, Sgt. 1st Class Guillermo Santiago and Master Sgt. Orlando Negron of Headquarters and Headquarters Company of 525th Military Police Battalion, walk as part of a daily exercise routine to promote health and lose weight. – JTF Guantanamo photo by Army Spc. David McLean (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How is a skilled tradesman different from a novice of a trade? A truly skilled tradesman knows his tools and how best to use them.

Around the globe, thousands desperately desire to become more fit. Of those thousands, very few approach fitness with the same fortitude and practicality as they approached their career.

Both education and experience are inextricably linked with career success. Both are tools used by employees to accomplish goals.

My job at Grammarly includes studying how others write and helping them to increase English writing proficiency and staying current on the trade technology.

The online grammar check that I recommend to my clients is a tool to build their writing “muscles.” Equipped with the proper tools, a weak wordsmith can gradually become a powerful author wielding words like swords.

Though an expert in the writing field, I was a novice at fitness. I needed to educate myself in current research and garner some new experiences. Please allow me to share the results of my research. The following three tools will set you on the path to acquire the education and experience necessary to become fit. A new career of fitness awaits you!

Fitness Professionals: How well would you do on a job for which you receive no training or explanation of your job duties? It is doubtful that you would have much success. Trying to lose weight without the proper training can not only set you up for failure, but it can also be dangerous! Rather than injure yourself or waste time and resources trying to reinvent the wheel, seek a fitness professional who can guide you through the process. Fitness trainers can teach you a manageable, safe exercise regime. They can also give you the boost that you will need to finish the job when you are feeling overwhelmed. Dieticians can advise you which foods to avoid and to increase in your diet. If you have pre-existing health conditions, this advice is essential.

Fit People Who Have Been Unhealthy in the Past: Fit people act as a knowledgeable colleague. As mentors, others who have successfully faced trials with weight or health are sources of invaluable insight. They know how to deal with setbacks, weight gain, and negative peer pressure. As they share how they dealt with issues, you can apply the same principles to your own health journey. To simply realize that someone else has triumphed over the same obstacles can give you the encouragement that you need to continue.

Fitness Literature: Fitness literature is one of the most common tools used by weight loss seekers. However, most recruiters seek job applicants who have more than book knowledge. Therefore, pair fitness literature with the other tools to gain the most benefit. Not all fitness manifestos are scientifically sound. Fitness professionals and fitness mentors can help steer you through the virtual mountain of materials available to resources with proven track records. So, leave the library and head to the gym!

In a career setting, one recognizes skillful work with sincere verbal commendation, a raise in pay, or a certificate of appreciation. Fitness is a job that pays internal and external wages. Your cleaner bill of health will reduce your susceptibility to future illness, increase energy, and provide a sense of accomplishment. On the outside, you will notice the loss of inches on your waist, clearer skin, and better posture. If you take the time to train for the fitness challenge, you will set yourself on a career path to a fitter lifestyle with wages that you can spend over a lifetime!

By Nikolas Baron


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