1. Great video brother. Really appreciate it. 

  2. travisolsonfitness

    2 thumbs up Bedros! I’m going to apply everything you just talked about for
    my future sports correction therapy company. graduate massage school in
    August. Can’t wait!

  3. Kapustka Konditioning

    Well done! Excited for fitness business summit 2014

  4. This was great information and powerful! I wondered how much more the 66K
    group is working compared to the 238K group. I broke the numbers down and
    it seem 66k group is making $278.20 per day and 238K group is making
    $993.23 per day training.

    Again what an amazing difference in revenue! I am guessing that its about
    $20.00 per session for group training of about 10 people $200.00 per hour
    for 5 hours per day which is $1,000.00 per day… 5k per week (if you did 5
    days per week)…20k per month….240k per year…(all round numbers)…..
    25 hsr training clients per week

    ….But wow with only 5 hours per day look what could happen with group
    training…..no more 1 on 1 training focus trying to get 10 clients per day
    at $100 per hour to reach $1000.00 per day that would lead to 50 hrs per
    week trying to meet group training numbers.

    working groups you actually work 50% less and earn about (72% more) or
    $171,608 k more per year!!!

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