1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you sweat and struggle so much! Great workout
    and thanks for the bit of detailing the steps at the end! Great job!

  2. I really like the break down at the end! Hope you do it on all of them, it
    really helps!

  3. nice performace. cute Pet

  4. Cute dog!

  5. rebelwithoutastraw

    I think you’re a great role model. You actually eat and you’re fit. You
    look after yourself. I love your workouts!

  6. i like the thumbmail for this lol

  7. i want to be that camera man

  8. makes me tired just watching this.

  9. it wud be funny if the dog worked out n had abs

  10. There isn’t one part of her that isn’t any less than a 10/10… Lucky man..
    lol. I’ll stick with my P90X for now though =P

  11. cute dog, and very nice and efficient workout! definately one of my
    favourites! good work

  12. @jungenbum i dont think she does. i know she reads all the comments she
    gets on her website.

  13. The Pathetic Club

    Every workout is very brutal! Can’t you do an occasional not psychotic
    workout so we can work up to it gradually! Sheesh! I wanna get fit! Not
    die! 😛

  14. Beatifulll Zuzana:-) You are the Best !

  15. your neighbors must be soo happy about hearing you jumping up and down
    every day 😛

  16. you look soo hot,you look even before but now it’s like wow,must be te

  17. Will you marry me?

  18. Fantastico entrenamiento!!!!!

  19. @jungenbum do you think all the thumbnails and titles are made randomly?

  20. EsotericWisdom33

    If all women had a body and beauty like yours then most men would be happy
    and most women lesbians :p

  21. @22abcd44 I would like to know the same thing plz 🙂

  22. I love the monkey push-ups! never seen those before. Please do more push-up
    variations. Also, for the squat jump twists, does one squat count as a rep
    or is it the total rotation that counts as a rep?

  23. dont you just love 720p:D

  24. Congrats on the 2 years anniversary!!!!!!!!

  25. trying this workout today! 😀

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