2. I enjoyed this video. Girl crush for sure. 

  3. Love the video but I now have serious trainer and leggins envy!!!! X

  4. Excellent video! *buys all the outfits* *never works out* ;-)

  5. Hello Carly, I was just wondering if you could help me. I started to eat
    healthy on the 28th January, when i weighed myself yesterday (8th Feb) the
    scales said i had lost 8lb do you think this is possible or are the scales
    off (they were the ones in boots) as all i have done is started eating
    breakfast having a lunch and a good dinner? I know i shouldn’t be stuck on
    my weight but i need to get on to a healthy weight to get myself fitter and
    feel healthier. 🙂

    P.S love watching your videos they always motivate me !! xx


  7. nice editing job Carly 🙂 now let’s make those clothes sweaty! 🙂 :D

  8. Amazing collection 🙂 I really want to have all your fitness clothes 😛
    probably I need to visit nike store soon :-)

  9. You look so gorgeous in this Carly! Loved this video! Such great ideas! I’m
    definitely checking out H&M tomorrow! Thanks 🙂 x

  10. Love this! I will definitely be heading to h&m soon to check out their gym
    clothes, and I love the Nike Aztec leggings xx

  11. hey Carly, Just wondering where you filmed this video. I live near Norwich
    and looks like such a pretty location. Wondered where about it was??

  12. one of my favorite videos to date, just missed hearing your voice :/ But I
    miss that every monday that you don’t train me 😛 love ya girly, and keep
    up the great work!! :)) xxxx

  13. Looking fABBulous!

  14. OMG this video makes me want to go shopping for work out clothes SOOO
    much!! Xxx

  15. Great collection!! Luv the video!! Sharon xxx

  16. Hey Carly, could you do a video on a diet plan?

  17. You are looking fabulous…
    Carly do you prefer Nike free 3.0 or 4.0?
    Thanks xxx

  18. I need your closet :)

  19. Loving this video Carly! I was just wondering about the H&M sports bras..
    they always look great and are affordable, but are they supportive enough
    for intensive training? 

  20. Gorgeous. I need some nike free run trainers in my life after watching

  21. Love love love!!! :)

  22. I need everything your wearing. And I love blackmilk to 🙂 

  23. daym girl!!! loved this 🙂 you should check out Lorna Jane (I work for the
    company) we have such great quality and awesome designs – on the pricey
    side but i literally still wear my first pair of tights that I bought 5
    years old now! xxx 

  24. umm i think you may need some more nike shoes and leggings….? 

  25. You look stunning!

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