1. PlusModelinTheMaking

    Ranting & Laughing… Fitness Review… hope you enjoy :)

  2. Haha, I loved this! Right now I’m in week 2 of T25. I’m really loving it!
    It has guys in it so beware.lol

  3. I am currently obsessed with fitness blender workouts they’re hard as hell
    but they get the job done, I also like Jillian Micheals and Taebo Cardio
    Inferno DVDs but fitness blender is the shyznit for me. Great video btw!!!

  4. Les Mills Combat! Is awesome i started it but there are men in the videos
    and one of the main instructors is a man so yea lol. Btw you look freaking
    great i’m so happy youre making videos again =) right when i’m picking back
    up on my healthy life journey yay!!

  5. I am currently switching up between t25, turbo jam, and zumba. I have also
    completed Jillian Michaels 30 day shred which jump started my fitness

  6. like Dulce candy –yeah because she so tiny and yes.. Dulce – 24 h a day
    and you have a time to do everything))) how is that possible?I’m joking of

  7. Hahaha…yeaa do it right.Definitely sounds like a bow chicka wowww wowwww

  8. Les Mils Combat is awesome, Turbo Fire, Anything Taebo and Insanity.
    Although all of these have men in them. But its worth the try.

  9. the hardest workout I’ve ever done was with my old gym teacher. This woman
    had 25 yrs on me and I couldn’t keep up, at the time I was taking her class
    I was 40yrs old (50 now). She was BOSS! She barely broke a sweat, yelled
    and moved around the whole time. So now whenever I want to serously tone, I
    do those exercises or put in Jillian Michaels… gets it done! I like how
    you preview thises vids for us though too bad you’re spending your money on
    all of them. I have 3 that I alternate so I won’t get tired of them lol you
    are funny though…. and you look great. I can’t wait for your next recipe
    share. The first week of January I am doing a 7 day juice fast, want to
    join me???????

  10. I can’t do Jillian Michaels. I’m obsessed with Shawn T. Love his energy and
    his personality. Getting Insanity this wkend!!! Excited! 

  11. I have been done with DVD workouts since I got my kinect on Xbox lol. I
    have to workout to something fun or it’s a wrap in my weight loss.

  12. i love me some turbofire!!!, come the new year im going to do that plus the
    gym! its really fun

  13. I’m doing insnaity and it’s insane lol but it makes you sweat and body fat
    Laing I feel great after I’m finished and trust me I weigh 150 pounds and
    I’m 15 so it’s not that easy for me but I feel and look better not many
    drastic changes since I just finished my first week and Shaun t gets you so
    hyped up!!

  14. I have been doing Zumba on the Wii and I like it. I also do Leslie Sansone
    walk tapes some days too

  15. I like Turbo Jam, Hip Hop Abs, & Zumba. Plus I do line dancing at the gym.
    I can’t stand a boring video, but dance moves and some excitement keep me

  16. What color is the lipstick you are wearing it is a beautiful color against
    your skin complexion

  17. TRY THE Black Girls Work Out Too and 2 DVDs…hashtag them on IG and check
    out the mother/daughter duo. Great results! 

  18. i am doing insanity in alter with brazil butt lift 

  19. I love doing insanity.. Shaun T is such a good motivator and he pushes you
    throughout the whole workout. Ive been dying to get my hands on his new
    Focus T25 workout!!

  20. my fav dvd is the slim in 6 series by beachbody. it always gets me right i
    love debbie seibers she my not have a booty but she makes sure u get ur
    squats in…i havent done anything in such a long time, but i may have to
    dust her off and get it in

  21. Why dont you use youtube workouts? I do yoga like this and if I dont like
    the sequence or the instructure, I just use another one and waisted no
    money at all….

  22. Just ordered P90X3. I’ll have to get back on you with the details. 

  23. I do this really cool exercise routine called couch surfing. It’s not very
    effective though… 

  24. I’ve been more into workout programs on youtube lately such as Jessica
    smith tv, BeFit, Tiffany Rothe, blogilates. Keaira LaShae has a channel
    called Superhero fitness that I love. Because of her I joined Daily Burn
    which has a variety of programs, but is a $10 monthly sub. Actual dvd
    programs that I always go back to are from Beachbody such as programs from
    Chaleane Johnson (turbofire, turbojam) or Shawn T. (insanity, t25). I tend
    to mix up my fav workouts from these programs. 

  25. Black girls workout too is what I do and I luv it!!

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