1. christopher shaddock

    Can’t afford to pay a membership gym? Weather is bad where you either
    cannot or do not want to brave the rain or snow? Here is a video where you
    can workout to right in the comfort of your own home!

  2. Want to try something new? Give this a try! It seems easy till your doing
    it :-)

  3. They always answer this question for every specific workout in their page,
    you can follow the link in the video description, but for the 1000 calorie
    workouts I don’t think you should exceed 3 times per week, they are really
    brutal and your body has to heal. The great thing about Fitness Blender is
    they have workouts as brutal as this one, and also really low impact for
    recovery days, and everything in between as well 😉

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  5. Exactly, I’m agree.

  6. I am so glad found you,Thank you <3

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    a quick way for you to burn fat fast.

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  9. I did the warm up and I can see my abs I’m going to keep going thank so
    much fitness blender

  10. I am now 20 minutes in and I have lost 4 ounces I’m 115.6 now !!!! I was
    116 and I have been exceeding for about a month and having ganged any weight

  11. This really kicks your butt OMG….well mine anyway geeesh!

  12. Omgggg i lost 11 pounds in 1 and half month with this amazing workout only
    did it once a week im so happy!!!!

  13. If I want to see result how many times of week should I do this? Anyone 

  14. Nathaniel Guerreiro

    subscribe me and watch my new workout video. hope you enjoy

  15. I only lastd for 10mins.. sweats are all over my ass.. hahaha.. but this
    great! love this work out.. need 1 week to finish the half of it lols.. :p

  16. i just finished the whole thing and i feel amazing

  17. Thank you sooo much Kelly and Daniel for such great workout vids, You guys
    are amazing :). 

  18. thank you for posting. Usually I don’t like workouts without music but this
    was short quick drills so I did not get bored after all

  19. My goal is to someday be able to do this entire video. c:

    On my path to fitness.

  20. done! I feel so awesome :D

  21. Is that girl some kind of alien? How did she do that?..

  22. Wow i actually finished :p doing this workout after cheat meal 

  23. the estimated calorie burn range is based on what body weight range?

  24. Aaaaa I’ve just completed it 100% !!! I can’t believe that 😀 

  25. Hey, im only 15 and i’ve been doing your workouts for awhile now. The thing
    that sucks is my knees always feel like they’re about to shatter! Idk why
    this is happening? And I’m still young! Help?

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