1. going to clean up my nutrition so i can lose the belly fat and get 6-pack

  2. psychofunksoldier02

    I watched Jeff’s free YouTube videos for about a year before signing up for
    AX1 and I can vouch that the program is very challenging yet very
    practical. I recommend it to anyone who’s looking for the complete package
    and something you can stick with and get results!!!

  3. My resolution this year is to dead lift and squat the heaviest weight
    (safely with perfect form) than I have ever imagined possible for myself.
    The training of AthleanX program has given me the confidence to accomplish
    this goal , no problem. Thanks Jeff. Happy new year and good luck to
    everyone !!

  4. The path to success is never straight. 

  5. As my goals for 2014 I’d like to drop my body fat from 13-12 to 11-10. I’d
    also would like to increase my squat from 90kg to 100. 

  6. Trading time for intensity is the best thing I ever did.

    Thanks Jeff!

  7. Great video!
    Are you in the best shape of your life?
    If so how long do you think you can continue with your gains.
    I ask as I’m as well at 39. Great feeling unsure how long to push.

  8. You are awesome bro I really needed something like this thanks man I’ve bn
    working out sice november and I was kind of getting tired bc of many
    factors and my job in the morning is one but thanks to you I understood
    that it does not matter what problems you have there is no scuse once you
    really want to change your body your mind and your life, thanks Sr. Happy
    new year

  9. Victor Beltran Parkour

    im gonna start eating cleaner and a lot less junk food

  10. Intensity instead of time…that was really all I needed to hear to apply
    to my entire life not just fitness. Thanks Coach!

  11. Jose junior garcia

    Can u do workouts withkught weights or anything for the hole body it will
    help me alot if u do 

  12. My goal is to go back to being 185 lbs (lose 30 lbs), lose my love handles
    and get SOME definition on my upper body lol. I will do that by taking slow
    and steady jogs 3 times a week in the evenings and start getting fit by
    watching this channel and doing what the coach tells me to do lol. 

  13. Its great to have lofty goals, but not setting yourself up for failure is
    also very important in staying motivated. Remember be realistic and as long
    as you stick to your plans you will achieve.Breaking a long term goal down
    into smaller increments is a great way to stay motivated ^^

  14. Personal Training Tips

    Everything here is great but I think you really hit the nail on the head at
    3:30 – 4:09 Everyone starts off going 7 days a week 2 hours a day and as
    soon as they realize it’s highly improbable to keep it up, they figure it’s
    not worth it. Impatience is the worst stipulation. 

  15. sub 36 min 10k, sub 80 min HM, sub 3 for the marathon!

  16. Im going to work on my diet and watch more of your videos to jump start my
    lifestyle of fitness

  17. I’m 15 can’t go to the gym legally don’t have loads of equipment at home. I
    box so I’m in very good shape but I don’t know whether or not to do weights
    or body weight because I have no idea what my natural weight will be also
    I’m 6 foot. Any advice?

  18. The way I see it that we all are going to die one day so get up get fit get
    your healthy life together..don’t feel lazy don’t say tomorow just do it
    today now we are not gonna b here one day some of May get sick then that’s
    the day we wanna turn our life around well let’s try and prevent that
    everyone and stay fit eat healthy my people cause life is real short

  19. Thank you, pretty much motivated me for this year :-)

  20. I will, thanks.. 5 miles used to be so much easier

  21. Having some problem in dumbell flys with my shoulders please tell me what
    to do…. i am of 14 year old

  22. Give everything you got!!!!!

  23. Hi Jeff, I love your approach, I love what you’re doing, I love your
    philosophy. You know what you’re doing, and you inspire me. Thank you! I
    was a personal trainer for 2.5 years and am still certified for the next
    two years; however, I felt overwhelmed and under qualified. The folks that
    were coming to me needed help that I felt was over my head. Also, my
    weight loss clients were not compliant, and it was frustrating seeing them
    fail. I suppose I wasn’t tough enough. I stopped training and decided to
    continue learning at my own pace, and experimenting with my own health and
    nutrition. I have really appreciated what I’ve seen in your videos so far,
    and I look forward to seeing more. This is going to be the best year ever!
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

  24. Great video..very true.

  25. I destroyed my rotator cuffs in december, great way to start a new year :/

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