Fitness and diet plans for effective weight loss?

I am currently 15 years old and I'm 16 stone (I know, it's really bad). For the past month or so I have been eating healthily and I have swam up to 4 times a week and the result was losing eight pounds (I started at 16.8). I understand that I'm obese and am motivated to change my body, does anyone have any diet plans an fitness plans (preferably swimming), or any advice on how to lose the most weight possible with effective results? Thank you:)


I think veganism is the absolutely best way to loose weight. You don't take in any cholesterol, you get everything you need, and you feel absolutely great! I was a vegetarian at one point. My whole body felt awesome!!!

As for working out, a dancing video game? Or maybe just simply pushups, crunches and jogging?

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