Finding a Healthy Weight Loss Plan

Being overweight is not just a cosmetic problem, it can be dangerous to your health. For many, it’s a choice in living longer and becoming healthy. Because weight loss is such a lucrative industry there are thousands of plans and products on the internet and store shelves to be tried. With all of these choices, how do you find a plan that will be a healthy choice for you?

There are many methods that should be avoided. Here are few:

Super Low Calorie Diets: It’s true, anyone can lose weight by prolonged fasts or living on 500 calories a day. But, we know that these types of diets encourage your body to use valuable muscle, organ tissue, and even bone. Your body needs a certain amount of calories to function properly. An average woman shouldn’t eat less that 1200 calories and an average man should eat at least 1400 for healthy weight loss. It shouldn’t be about how many calories, but about the type of calories you eat.

Diet Drugs: Diet drugs are just that, drugs! Be careful about the type of diet pills or formulas you are tempted to take. Avoid formulas that stimulate your metabolism by speeding up your central nervous system. Carefully research all of the ingredients that are used.

Diet Supplements: Most supplements are not held to any standards and have no research or clinical studies to support their weight loss claims. Many have ingredients that are questionable. Again, research all of the ingredients that are used.

Fad Diets: Many of the diets that hit the market are just marketing hype and have no proven results. If a diet insists on eliminating an entire food group, it is unhealthy. You will be deprive your body of key nutrients when on one of these types of diets.

Laxatives: Using laxatives can cause many physical problems and can be addictive.

Look for a healthy weight loss program and products that will address all of your weight loss issues. This might have a healthy product or supplement that will help with digestion and appetite control. You will also need to combine the product with healthy eating and exercise for the optimum weight loss plan.

Remember that if you choose an unhealthy weight loss program you will probably quickly gain your weight back as soon as you stop taking the product or go off of the diet. Make sure you find a well-rounded diet program that uses foods from all of the food groups.

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