2. This looks awesome!

  3. 😀 awesome

  4. Please do a video on how to squat properly ! Xxx 

  5. Wow, I never knew you could do exercises on the vibrating machines, I am
    such a bimbo haha! I just thought you stand on it it and that’s it :L
    Btw, I have serious girl envy of you! Your abs, your legs, your face, your
    hair – just you!

  6. As awesome as they are, forwomen you know it can destry your eggs.. making
    you not able to have children :/ but they are good for women workouts

  7. Ohhh my absolute favorite thing in your house, apart from the loveliness
    that is you! 🙂 xxx

  8. You’re too awesome, Carly 😀 Seriously!

  9. Sunday Funday with Carly! :)

  10. Me and my perverse mind…I was wondering what was going to go on here!
    Never actually seen this before but looks like fun! Xx

  11. Love your videos x

  12. Haha,much fun! Jess x

  13. Carly, I don’t know if this is too personal a question, but when I workout
    too much I tend to lose my monthly menstrual cycle and it only comes back
    when I stop working out. Do you have problems with regular menstrual cycles
    being so fit or is this a weird odd problem I just have? Sorry if this is
    too personal, but i’m just curious because it makes me sad that I can’t
    workout too much without something in my body going out of whack! lol (:

  14. New videoo!! YAAYY!! Lovedd itt as alwayss!

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