1. Motivation + hot girls = perfection

  2. This girls and women work out realy hard.
    But why?

    Some say:
    “I make this to destroy boys in the gym.”
    “I make this to dominat a guy in bed.”
    “I make this to kick boys ass.”
    It‘s a joke, or not?

    I think the most of this girls and women work out to win the next

  3. go get yo boobs

  4. hey look, i found sluts!

  5. I am watching this channel.I want to join gym.

  6. I respect & give Kudos to fitness women, but just once I would like to see
    a video of a woman of a transformation going backwards. For the most part
    I’m going to say 90% of these ladies were former athlete’s, fit, or just
    with a small starter frame… because its much easier to pack on muscle,
    lean out and go to fitness level when you had a basic core structure to
    begin with. I wanna see a video of a mom with 3 kids who was 230lbs then
    went to say 130 … that’s a far more harder transformation. Not to take
    anything away from these ladies. I wanna see that video because you won’t
    really see that video. 

  7. someone who knows where to buy the shirt she has at 0:33-0:36

  8. Does anyone know the name of the girl at 1:40 drinking the water bottle?
    I’ve seen her on Facebook a couple of times and forgotten her name :/ 

  9. Name of girl at 1:53? insane shot


  11. No more excuses!..

  12. what is the name of the song ?

  13. Damn !! Thats what I want !!!!

  14. grrrr sexy definitionsss!!!!!!! ;)

  15. I would date some of these girls!

  16. Why are all these fitness women stupid sluts that just dress like
    strippers?? How is that empowering?? You think men care about how much
    you’re lifting, how strong you are??? Ahahahaha noooo…you’re just giving
    them the show they want to see. Way to keep taking steps back for women in
    this world. I hate fucking women like this….I’d run her over if I could.

  17. puikus klipukas

  18. Is this supposed to motivate women or men? O.o a lot of tits and ass but it
    doesn’t make me wanna go to the gym

  19. Does an one know who is the girl at 2:29 please Thank you =] Teresa

  20. now these are my kind of women

  21. teresa shaw the girl at 2:29 name is Adriana Lima

  22. go fuck your self bitchessss

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