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  2. Strong beautiful women luv it

  3. Dee Jay Mee (Biometrix) – Now That You’ve Gone SONG ON THIS VIDEO THANK YOU

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  5. Ronald Maurice Majette, Jr

    To be great, you have to love what you do!

  6. I think this video is more men motivation than women 😛

  7. this is bullshit…

  8. 2:54 Vin Diesel Look Alike 😛

  9. jadore

  10. WANT A BUBBLE BUTT? Come to my channel.

  11. EXELLENT merciii

  12. I love fit girls BUT I hate FLASHING FX and other excessive effects on the

  13. 99% of the viewers are guys, lets be honest now.

  14. This definitely helps me get my head in gear…

  15. Strong is the new sexy!

  16. Ten healthy, filling snacks…banana, hard boiled eggs, nuts (almonds &
    pistachios), peanut butter, oatmeal, cottage cheese, plain greek yogurt,
    sunflower seeds, apples and watermelon, and natural fruit smoothies.

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  18. today, not tomorrow

  19. arrchi89 , you think too much, when you will start to do something,then you
    will can speak ;)))

  20. And that’s why 99.9% of the women in the world do not look like this. It’s
    a sad state of affairs.

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  22. who was the girl at 1:57??

  23. Andrea Braizer

  24. hello,have you considerent”BEELYfat?Just search on Google and you will spot

  25. this is ridicolous, attention wh… are not bodybuilding, they just come to
    the gym to get attention, to distract, to talk and to show off their outfit
    with their… hangout. most of this girls are strippers or cover models,
    they are naturaly skinny they dont work hard… they just put plastic and
    are annoying as children. get some self respect and workout ok?

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