Fat loss question?

Okay, so I'm confused with all this weight/fat loss process stuff.


When you excercise and stuff, you tone that specific part of your body right? And therefore it becomes muscles. Why do dieting programs show results of a slender figure that was obese a month or so prior to their diet?

Moreoever, is it possible for someone with somewhat chubby legs and arms to gain slender/slim ones?

When you exercise, you lose fat and gain muscle. Fat does not turn into muscle. Certain exercises cause more muscle gain then others. For example, running is not what I consider a “muscle building” exercise. It will help you drop the lbs. and gain lean muscle mass. Exercises that involve weights build larger muscles.

All exercises will help you become more tone because they help you to lose fat, gain smooth muscle, and develop a more toned look.

Diets don't tone your body or develop muscle, they help you lose fat.

People with chubby legs and arms can become more lean. I'd recommend running, speed walking with 2-3lbs weights, or EFX (the one that you have to use your arms too). Of course, a diet low in saturated fat, low in sugar, low in sodium, etc. is necessary as well. BUT if a person is “big boned,” they won't be able to have “stick” legs, but they can certainly have toned and well-shaped legs and arms.

As far as your second question… dieting programs want to show that they have effective, fast results. But no one can go from obese to slender in one month (that is really exaggerated). Ignore them and lose weight the old fashioned and proven way … exercise and eating healthy.

I hope I understood your question.

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