Fat Cells Are Forever

by Babs O’Reilly
(Miami, Florida, US)

In doing research for this article and other documents I frequently come across some interesting information.

I found studies and research that prove that fat cells never actually go away. I know that is probably not what you were hoping to hear but facts are facts. The good news is that fat cells can shrink so that the fat is not noticeable.

Let me give you some details, but I warn you, this information is not going to make you happy. Fat cells can grow to large sizes.

When a fat cell reaches about three times its normal size it can divide and create more fat cells. Although you can shrink the size of your fat cells you cannot decrease the number of fat cells that you have.

I know many of us do not like to talk about exercise but according to research it seems that exercise is more effective at reducing the size of fat cells around the waistline. Relax though, I am referring to simple exercise such as walking.

By reducing the size of fat cells you will be losing body fat. This will result in a slimmer and probably more importantly, a healthier you.

You see, being over weight puts you at risk for various health problems. Although we all want to look good it is much more important to be healthy.

So if you look in the mirror and see lots of fat you know that you in fact have lots of fat cells, including some that are extra large sized and probably on the verge of dividing into more. Take control of the situation now. Do it for your health!

Begin with a visit to your favorite doctor. Find out if there are any medical issues that you should be aware of.

There may be a physical reason that you are gaining weight. Also find out if adding a little physical activity to your lifestyle is okay.

Then begin by eating smaller meals more often and walking. Start slowly and walk only a short distance.

Over time you will be able to increase your stamina which will result in longer walks at a faster pace.

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Updated: May 8, 2013 — 2:26 pm

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