1. did anyone get good results from doing this regularly?

  2. Loved it!!! I lost a lot of weight but now i have a weightloss plateau. I
    hope doing this kind of exercise 6 times a week will be enough to get my
    weight loss going again… I don’t really have time to work out 1hr a day
    .. this workout was great!

  3. wow ..just did this hole workout ..will try some more and will do this
    everyday wen i have the chance i loved it…thnx 🙂

  4. died at jumping

  5. does anyone know of a cardio fitness video with no jumping? i have
    downstairs neighbors…

  6. Thanks for this! Could you add applause at the end? 🙂

  7. screw them

  8. wow ! I was not expecting that! however I completed it! feeling proud.

  9. I did this , it was amazing workout. I’m going to try it with leg and arm
    weights but I know ill be dead the first 6 minutes

  10. I did this before bed omg

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  12. i remember the first time i did this video i would cheat some of the
    exercises and i would be so tired out, but now i pull through with all of
    it and im so proud of myself and proud of this sweat im drenched in lol.
    thank you!!!

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  17. Ohhhh lordy lordy! That was great! A++ will do again! Loved that I could
    play my own music while listening to the instructions and attempting my
    best at completing the workout.

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  19. This workout is incredible! The first 3 times I tried, I couldn’t finish
    it, and I am sweating like crazy. I will definitely be checking out more of
    your workouts, you guys rock!

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  21. Workout At Home Made Easy

    Thanks for this video. It’s well structured and explained. Quite simple to
    do, nothing complicated. It’s an ideal workout routine for someone who
    usually hasn’t got the time to go to a gym (like me) but doesn’t want to
    miss out doing something good for his/her body.

  22. omg i have gotten so much better. i couldnt complete this workout before
    but after a week of eating only whole foods, i can now complete it. gys if
    you cantdo this, check your diet. i drink 2 litres of water a day. eat
    fruit and vegetables.

  23. The amount of calories burnt is going to be different for each individual.
    It depends on your weight, the intensity as well as other physiological
    factors. What they’ve provided is just a range… That this workout burns
    anywhere from 223 to 404 calories.

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    you discover the nutrition plan you could learn when you check out Wretch
    Weight Workings… My brother lost 7 lbs in just one week.

  25. 12 minutes in and my knees are hurting sooo bad. I had to stop. But I will
    continue doing this so I can make it all the way through.

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