1. i’ve been curious…isnt high fructose corn syrup just like maple
    syrup…only from corn?

  2. we believe “modern humans”(homo sapiens) has been on earth for around
    200,000 years. the genus Homo is believed to be around 2-3million years old.

  3. they use the phrase “soda pop” in central texas? its not common in houston.

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  5. Corinna you should write a book you are awesome

  6. You may have already answered this elsewhere, but one way that “food”
    manufacturers trick people is the fact that MSG doesn’t need to be written
    as MSG on nutrition labels unless it is over 98% pure MSG. Any lower
    concentration and they can call it anything from a list of over 40
    alternate names from “natural flavors” to hydrolyzed or textured protein.
    So saying “No MSG” or “No added MSG” can be very deceptive and misleading
    because it may, in fact, contain MSG(an excito/neuro toxin).

  7. Corinna, you should research Klaus Dona. He shows that Humans(even homo
    sapiens) may have been around much longer than currently believed.

  8. Very informative.. thank you so much!

  9. Really great Corrina

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  11. Awesome video

  12. I dont belive in diets …i belive in a change of life style on how I eat

  13. It is sad but we know that we are killing ourselves or at least reducing
    our life span. There is a conspiracy of doctors, drug companies, and food

  14. man is not separate from nature. he is part of it. so, no matter what our
    actions are, they are natural. they may not be the most intelligent
    choices, but they help us to evolve socially. i agree that what we consume
    is not good for us generally speaking. i simply hate when people use the
    word natural in this context.

  15. I just love your video thankyou for everything u saving life

  16. You rock Corrina

  17. Would you suggest I don’t eat fruits, since I can’t process any sort of
    sugar very well. Makes me gain weight. I love fruits though but can’t
    really eat them.

  18. Yeah coffee is bad, messes with your body. I drank several cups a day for a
    long time, messed up my sleep, had on going soreness in my neck, and glands
    in my neck were sore for weeks. Also messes with your circulatory system,
    kidneys, adrenals and can give some people rashes, and dehydrates your
    body. If you wear contacts in your eyes, be prepared to have constant dry
    eyes 24/7 if you drink that shit. Just my two cents of course. 8 – 10 cups
    is lethal, will kill any one.

  19. Also, for every 1 cup of coffee, you’d need a cup or two just to rehydrate
    the body. At 8 cups of coffee a day, you’d need 8 -16 cups of water, which
    would mess with your electrolytes, kidneys, and you’d be pissing like a
    Kentucky race horse all day long… So I guess in Finland, if they drink 10
    cups a day, everyone must walk around wearing catheters and pee tanks
    strapped to their backs… cuz, if you drive to work and sit 45 mins in
    traffic after 10 coffees and 16 glasses of water you explode

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  23. Charles coleman-mends

    Hard to discuss common sense:-)

  24. Wow! I can’t believe I’ve only just subscribed to this channel; it’s such
    an amazing resource of information. How am I ever going to get through all
    those play-lists?! Hopefully there’s a video on how to eat healthily on a
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    lovely girl. Thank you for these great videos.

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